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Strengthening your Startup Network

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The best way to conduct business and enable a sales funnel of repeat customers and clients is through strengthening your startup network. This is imperative for most businesses that need to create a professional connection and harness their continued relationship to beat sales projections. Small businesses need to have the perfect mix of a physical and digital presence to engage their startup network.

For startups, the best way to start, position your business and build customer relations is through a thorough understanding of your business offering. This will help you create a sales funnel based on how quickly you can gain your customer’s trust while you build your startup network. Here are five ways that your small business can benefit from networking:

Engage with the local business community:

Plan ways to meet up with entrepreneurs and small business owners and connect through associations. Create a simple introduction that replicates your business offerings and communicates what makes your business different. This introduction can be on the lines of tried and tested sales pitches and will help you value networking opportunities.

Be active in online communities:

By being proactive online, you can connect and interact with business owners and develop better business relationships. In time, entrepreneurs can help you gain more business through word-of-mouth referrals. This can only be possible by having a clear and well thought out business plan and objectives and by being reasonable in terms of requests.

Build a relationship with every conversation:

Most businesses create relationships through a casual conversation when they meet a potential new contact. Instead of using the usual elevator pitch, when you meet new people, find new ways to introduce yourself. This will help you alleviate the risk of narrowing your field of vision and influence. Meet new people face to face and these connections may lead to a great customer or the perfect investor for your startup.

Get social media active:

Social media networks provide you with the best opportunity to connect and network. This is the best place to grow your network, showcase your business and not be overly promotional. With social media, you can be sure to connect with specific contacts that were once outside your social circle and were difficult to connect with. Cast the biggest networking net to build your network, and spend enough time to improve your social media presence.

Constantly engage with your network:

Make sure you follow up and interact with your network on a regular basis. This should enable you to keep your contacts within reach and you should respond within 24 hours. This can be done through email lists, social media pages and networking on messengers to be available to your clients and customers.

For small businesses, networking is the key to build your sales funnel, look after relationships and connect with entrepreneurs, small businesses and clients. By building contacts and keeping in touch with your networks, you will be able to improve sales and connect with referral customers.

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