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Ways to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

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In our previous post we covered ‘Is It The Right Time To Hire New Staff?’. In this post, you can discover how to make new employees feel welcome in your organisation. Most big companies understand the importance of welcoming a new employee into the organization.

The HR policies are such that the new employee almost immediately gets familiar with the company, people, cafeteria and other common areas in the induction program. In a Small Business, the task of making the new employee feel comfortable in the new workplace usually falls on the owner of the business. In this post, you can read about simple ways, which will help your new employees feel welcome in your organization.

1. Tour of the office: Give the new employee a tour of the office. Show the new employee the break room, rest room, kitchen and other common areas, this will help the employees get familiar with the surroundings and feel comfortable in the new workplace.

2. Introduction: It is never easy being the new person in the company. Introducing the new hire to the rest of the staff will help the person feel like they have joined a team. Apart from personally introducing the new employee, send out a welcome mail and copy the rest of the team it. This will also help the employee learn the names of the colleagues, which might not have registered during the introduction.

3. Workstation: Set up a workstation with a computer, required software, email account and login password along with other office supplies like pens, notepad etc.

4. Job profile: Take time to explain the job to the new employee. Explain the job profile, familiarize them with the clients and the kind of work your business is into and the role the new employee will have to play in the organization. But be sure that you don’t overburden the new hire with loads of information and rules of the company.

5. Work friend: Ask one of your older employees to help the new employee. Make sure that the employee does not feel lost on the first day of work. Most employees judge the workplace based on the first day of work, hence ensure they feel welcome and at ease. This will help in keeping the environment healthy in the workplace.

6. Assign work: It’s best to assign work on the first day of work. In most workplaces, the employees will not be assigned any work on the first day to help the employee settle down. But, this might backfire, making the employee feel bored on the first day of work. Make sure you assign enough activities to keep the new employee occupied and busy.

7. Follow up: At the end of the day, find out how the day went, answer any questions the new employee has, review their work and appreciate it. Following these simple tips can make the employee feel welcome and comfortable in the new environment. You can overturn an overwhelming first day experience to a positive one, and the new employee will return the next day with a sense of belonging. This will not only help the employee feel welcome, but it can improve productivity and promote a healthy work environment in the long run.

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