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Why Happy Employees Matter

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For any company, especially in small businesses, one of its biggest assets is its employees. Having a talented and driven workforce will enable the company to achieve its goals efficiently, in time and will contribute to its growth.

Employees often bring in skills, perspectives, and knowledge that will help your company grow. This is why employee satisfaction needs to be one of your company’s top priorities to ensure that they stay motivated and so that attrition rates stay low. Here are some of the reasons why employee motivation and employee satisfaction are important:

Higher productivity:

Employees who are made to feel like they are a valuable part of the company tend to put in more effort and commitment to their work because of how they feel it contributes to the company. They tend to take a genuine interest in turning out quality work and adding additional value to their work if the company values employee satisfaction.

Better engagement:

A company that has proper employee engagement strategies in place demonstrates to them that their opinion counts. This is often done through well-rounded feedback channels, brainstorming sessions that let them contribute their thoughts on building up the company, and enlightening one-on-one sessions with managers that tell them that the company is as eager to see them grow in their careers. A highly engaged employee is more likely to also be a high achiever.

Motivation to go the extra mile:

A common reason for employees that go ‘above and beyond’ what is expected of them is also when they feel motivated. Companies that take the time to appreciate and reward employees for outstanding effort create a reason for them to be motivated. If you have a solid R&R programme in place that actually helps employees be recognized for their contributions, you would indirectly be building employee satisfaction as well.

Empowerment for better performance:

All employees have their own vision for the future as well as their own career goals. A company that takes interest in furthering an employee’s career through growth, leadership, training and mentoring opportunities gains the most from its employees.

For them, putting in their best will, in turn, further their career prospects as well, and you would receive superior work output from them. Empower your employees towards eliciting high performance from them as well.

Valuable insights and feedback:

Having a proper feedback mechanism is a very important part of any business. It helps the company evaluate its processes, practices and ways of handling issues and figure out better ways of performing tasks.

the comprehensive employee satisfaction survey is one way of garnering feedback from employees and discovering ways in which your business can be run more efficiently and also to assess their needs.

Taking interest in employees’ needs will establish trust between the company and its employees. Happy employees make your company flourish and grow.

Employee satisfaction, therefore, should be among the top priorities of your company. In addition to developing your business further, employee motivation will also help build goodwill and enhance the reputation of your business in the industry.

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