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2011-10-08 00:00:00TechnologyEnglish Best Android Apps for Small Business

10 Best Android Apps for Small Business

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Smart phones are called Smart for a reason and that’s because they provide a multitude of features that can be used to get a lot of things done right on your phone. Google’s Android operating system is one of the big players in the smart phone market and here we share with you a list of 10 apps that would be perfect for a small business. These tools can help you work smarter, faster and get things done more efficiently.

Astrid Task/To Do List – Free A to do list is a must have for any business no matter how small or big! Astrid is a great to do list app for any Android phone mainly because it also syncs with Google Tasks. You can also set priorities, reminders and even back up your tasks to a memory card. Money Control – Free This app provides business users a simple way to get real time stock quotes, Indian and Global Market indices, while also providing in depth coverage and analysis of financial markets, economy and business.

iMobile – Free If you bank with ICICI then this app is just the thing to get a better control over your bank account. You can conduct all your bank transactions through this app that works on all operators in India.

My Tax India – Free Paying your bills and taxes is a very important thing to remember in your business. This little app will help you calculate your taxes and also help you figure out how much investment you need to do to save on your taxes.

File Manager – Rs. 84.75 This file manager will help you get all your office documents, excel files, advertising images and even your music files into an ordered system. The app is very user friendly and makes moving files into and out of folders a very simple process.

OfficeCalculator Pro – Rs. 84.75 Make use of this fully featured calculator for your daily office calculating needs. The design is clean and simple and very user friendly.

Dropbox – Free With this service you can access your files anywhere from your phone to your business laptop or even your home desktop. Sync all your files to make the most of what the web has to offer.

TimeCatcher – Free Figure out exactly how much time you have spent on a task with this app. It will tell you the time you spent on specific tasks for clients and hence you can bill them accordingly.

GDocs – Free If you are a Google Doc’s user then this app is a must have for your Android phone. The app allows you to view, edit and create documents in your Google Doc’s account. The app also allows you to email your documents.

DocumentsToGo Full Version – Rs.719.72 If you are a Microsoft Office user this app is the one to go for. You can easily work with and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents along with PDF documents.  You can synchronize files between your PC and your phone with another application. If all you need is a way to view and edit Word and Excel files then you can go for the free to use Documents To Go app.

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