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2012-03-23 00:00:00TechnologyEnglishAdd-ons for Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers available right now and its quite a boon for business and power users. Business Productivity Add-ons for Firefox

10 Business Productivity Add-ons for Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers available right now and its quite a boon for business and power users. Other than its safety and usefulness it also has add-ons that can make office or personal work much easier. In this blog post we share with you 10 such add-ons that can make your work easier and more productive in the office.

Toodledo– Do you enjoy having a to-do list right by your side as you work so you remember everything that needs to be done? Wouldn’t it be easier to have it with you everywhere, so you can add tasks as you go? Well this add-on helps you list down tasks, organizes them, reminds you with alarms and also can be used from your cell phone to make life easier.

XMarks– If you use more than one computer to do your work then this add-on will be very useful to you. It allows you to synchronize your settings, bookmarks, passwords and more across various systems so you can work more efficiently.

LinkedIn Companion – You can get immediate access to updates on the LinkedIn network without even navigating to the website. It allows easy access to the many features that the network has like user profiles, bookmarks for profiles and searches and more.

Meebo– Do you have friends and business contacts scattered across different messaging platforms? Then this add-on will help you save the headache of switching between the many chat clients you will have open on your screen. This add-on provides a simple sidebar to your browser showing who is online and alerts you when someone sends a chat. It even makes sending images and files easier right from your browser.

Read It Later – You may run across news articles, discussions, blogs etc that are very interesting but don’t have time to read them. This add-on allows you to save the webpage and come back to it when you have the time to read at your leisure even without an internet connection.

Open IT Online – This add-on allows you to open various documents and images online without the need for any external software to be installed. It supports various file formats and allows you to view and edit them by using Google Docs, Pixlr and more.

Print Edit – If you need to print a webpage then this add-on is for you. The add-on allows you to remove various items like banner ads, external toolbars and more from a webpage which will make it clearer when printed. You can also inspect a webpage to find out the CSS properties of a website.

Fireshot – Taking screenshots of a webpage can be a pain especially when you may need the whole webpage or just specific portions of it. This add-on allows various options to edit the screenshot once you have taken it so you can highlight the main aspects of the webpage.

Dictionary Tooltip – Don’t know the meaning of a word but don’t want to open another page to learn the meaning? This add-on gives you a tooltip which has the meaning of the word. It can be triggered with a simple double click on the word.

Mind the Time – This add-on tell you how time you have spent on the net and what pages you have browsed and for how long. It provides you with a ticker so that you can find out if your time on the web is well spent. You can even get a detailed summary everyday and for the past week.

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