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2013-04-12 00:00:00TechnologyEnglishTop Tech Trends: Technology saw some major breakthroughs and advancements in 2012 and in the first quarter of 2013. Top Tech Trends – 2013

5 Top Tech Trends – 2013

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Technology saw some major breakthroughs and advancements in 2012 and in the first quarter of 2013. With mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, becoming more affordable, they’ve become the primary gateways for users to consume business data. The year 2013, will see a mobile device more than just as a communication device. In fact, most of the top tech trends will revolve around mobile phones as a medium.

Here are some top tech trends in 2013, everyone will be talking about.

Mobile Devices:

Mobile Devices make small businesses more efficient by providing productivity enhancement applications. As per Gartner, mobile phones will overtake personal computers as a common device for internet access by 2013 and by 2015, over 80% of mobile phones sold in the market will be smartphones.

The report also highlights that by 2015, tablet shipments will reach around 50% of laptop shipments and Windows is likely to be in third place behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. With the number of mobile users climbing by the day, SMBs should sync their marketing strategies taking full advantage of mobile applications.

HTML5 and Web 2.0:

According to a research report from Strategy Analytics, one billion HTML5 capable phones will be sold in 2013, compared to 336 million in 2011. Also, according to the survey report published by Forrester Research, 60% of mobile service developers are showing interest in HTML5 and make it as one of the top tech trends in 2013.

Marketers have already started using Web 2.0 solutions because of its highly interactive, reliable and responsive functionalities which gives a completely new experience to their users. Small business owners can be relieved about the complexity and the cost involved in IT management because Web 2.0 based applications can be easily deployed and updated.

Big Data:

Big Data has always been there but nowadays it’s been spoken about everywhere and that makes it one of the top tech trends in 2013. According to Wikipedia, Big Data is a collection of so large & complex data sets, which is difficult to process using traditional data processing applications or database management tools.

Whereas Big Data Analytics, on the other hand, is the tools and capabilities used to derive insights from aforesaid data. SMB’s can make use of advanced big data analytics tools to measure customer’s emotions, derive social media insights and also to track and improve customer relationships.


Wikipedia says, ‘Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users and solve problems’. In the Business Context, it means designing the process with gaming principles right from Back-office tasks to Sales Force Automation and Customer Interactions.

Gamification will see businesses looking to invest in developing skilled resources in Gamification Designs in 2013. Small businesses can consider Gamification in order to streamline their processes thereby increasing the productivity of their employees.

Cloud Computing:

Customers are increasingly turning to cloud for cost reduction, for the more efficient use of IT and for the improvement of the business environment. Small businesses stand to benefit the most because of their reduced spending in IT infrastructure systems.   Apart from these trends, what is the other trends you think can make it into this list?

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