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Are you Losing Consumers because of Outdated Technology?

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If you are a small business owner, ask yourself this question – When was the last time your company refurbished the systems and laptops, your company website and other crucial technology that you use daily? Most small companies put off these expenses in the long run and this bound to have an effect on the business. This decision can affect your employee turnover as well your customers. Here are ways to ensure you don’t lose your customers because of outdated technology. 1. If your desktops and laptops are more than 5 years old, you will have to upgrade them. The cost of repair and maintenance of the computers will be high once the systems are old, and the time spent on them will also reduce the efficiency of your company. This will have an effect on your employees’ productivity when interacting with customers. The operating systems should be updated as well, as it makes the systems perform better with wider options. 2. Use broadband services for better speed and connectivity. Make sure you are using data plan, which offers high-speed internet. Today, a large part of all businesses happen online and you do not want to lose your customers to a slow or inefficient connection. 3. For a small business, it is crucial to keep your website updated. Websites can be of great import as it helps the potential customers connect with you. It becomes your virtual identity, by which your customers will decide whether to contact you for business or not, hence it needs to be updated. Also, make your website mobile friendly. It makes connecting with you easier and convenient for the customer. 4. If you own a business, which deals with cash on a daily basis, it is very important you have a money-swiping machine. In today’s day and age, people carry plastic money rather than bundles of cash. Having these machines makes doing business with you more convenient and easy for the customer. 5. Move your business to a cloud and use Apps to up your productivity. Ditch old school ways of keeping accounts, spreadsheets, front office tasks etc. You can use cloud-based technology to keep your business organized without any hardcopy paper work, use tools to do accounting and you can use CRM tool to track your customers. There are various easy and cost efficient ways to increase your business’ productivity with technology. Even if you are doing business with efficiency and hard work, your business will be perceived poorly if you are using outdated technology. Making small changes in your business can put you ahead of your competitors and it will help build your reputation in the market. Invest in small business technologies like these and you will surely see an upward surge in your business.

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