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Why to Backup data at Work? And How

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Does your small business have a backup plan? I don’t mean for the business itself but I am talking about the data that’s on your computer, your employees computer and anywhere else that you might store data. Why should you backup the data? Most businesses no matter how big or small now rely on computers, laptops, servers and hard drives to keep their data safe, secure and accessible.

What happens when these systems fail? What if the files get corrupted or there is a power surge and your system short circuits? That’s where data backup is important. Backed up files and folders can help you recover from a system crash without too much of a hassle. While not having a backup can cause you to lose already spent manpower and time, not to mention causing a severe headache trying to figure out what all has been lost.

With all that being said I am sure you will think twice about creating a backup of all your data. There are various tools and forms of media that you can use to backup data on your system, let’s look at some of them.

CD’s or DVD’s – These are handy and cheap to boot and making a copy of the data will take 5 to 10 minutes depending on your computer system. Buy yourself a pack of 100 and you can just create new backups every week depending on how many new files and folders you have.

External Hard Drive – You can get them in various sizes (500 GB to 3 TB) and they just get larger with ever-increasing capacity and reduced sizes. Depending on your needs you can select an externally powered hard drive or system powered drive. These are faster to access that CD’s and DVD’s and you can carry much more in a single drive. The smaller ones are also portable and lighter.

Cloud Backup – We have spoken about cloud based services before and with space being cheap even files and folders can be backed up online for a fee. Services such as Dropbox, Minus and others even allow you to store a limited amount of data for free. This is very useful since you can download all your critical data to a different system if the one you are using fails. The above tools are easy to use and cheap too. They can really help your business remain always on without causing any hassles during the workday to you, your employers or your clients.

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