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3 Best Conference Calling Software Products

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Technology is designed to make our lives easier, more efficient and ensure better communication. It is important for any business to integrate technology into its functioning to enable growth. Conference Calling software is one such advantage modern technology offers any business allowing entrepreneurs, employees and clients gather in one place at one time irrespective of location, saving greatly on travel expenses. If travel is deemed necessary you can explore Tips on How to Save on Travel which we have covered in an earlier post.   Here are three of the best conference calling software available today:

1. Skype: Without doubt, Skype is the most popular and pervasive software available today. Skype has become a household name becoming synonymous with online calling- haven’t you ever commented “ We can skype later!” What are the features that make this software the most popular? Let us take a look:

• If all members of your group call are on the internet rather than a mobile operator then this service is free

• It works on both PC and Mac

• With a Skype premium account you can video group call and share screens

• Members can also use Skype’s Instant Messaging during the conference call- a key feature if you and a colleague are on the same call with a client and need to discuss an internal issue on what you can offer

• You can add people who do not have Skype and speak to them on their mobile if you have a Skype Subscription

• If you have a weekly scheduled call, you can save the group to enable easy calling every week

2. Google Hangouts: A recently added feature to a newly refurbished/ rebranded service, Google Hangouts included the Conference Calling feature to meet the demands of their users. What does Google Hangouts offer that makes people choose it over Skype?

Here are some of it’s stand out features:  

• If you have a Google Voice number you can make calls to mobiles or landlines

• Users can prepare a chat room and test screens before enabling the share screen feature

• Hangouts is integrated with Google Drive enabling easy sharing of files which can greatly benefit team members working on the same project

• Google Hangouts allows up to ten people to video chat at the same time and watch YouTube videos, this feature would be especially useful if you and your client are planning a campaign that involves video references

3. WebEx: Though a paid service, this Cisco owned venture allows users to test the product for a trial period of 14 days. Hailed as one of the software for online business meetings, WebEx may take some time on your part to get used to and make use of the best the many features the software offers, we explore some of its key features:

• Compatible on Windows and Mac, WebEx also provides excellent coverage for those on the move, as it can be integrated into their smart phone or tablet

• White board feature- this feature recreates the white board- a staple of any conference room that allows for greater discussion and brain storming   • The Conference call feature allows up to 25 participants to join

• It is an online meeting tool which means you can utilize it in your browser itself and don’t need to download and install to begin

• The screen sharing feature allows you and colleagues work on presentations and pitches together   Each software has its pros and cons, we suggest you test drive these software to see which one truly addresses the needs of your business but make sure you give yourself enough of time with each to explore exactly what they have to offer.

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