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Building a Small Business Website

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The internet is a great place to get discovered especially if you are starting a small business with a limited budget. Your website is a quick way for interested customers to find you and your products; it is in your best interest to make sure that the website serves that need for them.

Why do you need one?

Having a website will allow you to draw in customers from across the country and maybe even the world. Even if you don’t plan on selling products online it is the best way to showcase your services and products in a simple efficient way.

You can also use the website to get customer feedback and to find out what kind of products and services customers might want to see from you. The net is a great way to get your business of the ground with reviews by your customers.

Whom should your website target?

Since you already have a marketing plan ready you will know what age and what kind of products and services your customers will be searching for. You want them to find your site easy to use and efficient at delivering the information they require about your products. It is important to think of the age of your audience, income level, etc. when designing and writing content for your website.

Fresh Content

Having fresh and updated content on your website will help you get more information out to your customers and site visitors. It will also help your website rankings in the many different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This will improve the chances of viewers finding your website before that of other competitors. Make sure your content is interesting and appealing to your customers since you want to engage with them and want them to return to your site over and over again.

Organize the Content

It’s good to have lots of content and images ready for your website but it is also important that you showcase and post it in a way that is easily readable and accessible to people who visit your website.

You need to make judicious use of colours, categories, headings, bullet points, ordered lists, choice of font, etc. to keep everything looking neat and organized. Having a structured site where users can see clearly what you are offering will mean more visitors and customers.

Having the look

We are all attracted to products that we find pleasing to look at. Your website is no different. Users may be comparing your products and business to that of a competitor just on the way the website is designed. Hence it is important that you have a good looking website. People are drawn to websites that make sue of colours and designs that are uncluttered.

Websites that have flashy icons, different colours and too many features can take forever to load and customers may not even wait for the site to load. Remember you don’t need to spend a fortune on the website but make sure it is pleasing and accessible to your customers.

Showcase your products

Your products are why you have built the website for. Make sure that you have high quality images that showcase your products in an appealing way to your customers. The quality of your images can go a long way in making that sale happen! Developing a user friendly website might require time and attention but with more and more people in our country accessing the internet it can easily help you make sales and get attention to your products.

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