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Cloud Computing Trends 2014

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Cloud computing has moved from being a new trend to a facility that businesses, big and small use for different purposes. Businesses today are increasingly using cloud computing software to deliver the best to their customers. It allows Small Businesses to manage costs and enables a flexible pricing structure that has helped the businesses grow and succeed.

What is Cloud Computing?

For those not familiar with Cloud computing software- it is the practice of using the internet or “cloud” to store, manage and process data. In the past, people used their personal computers and servers to save their important data, here the risk of loss of data was high. Now, all the data stored on the cloud can be accessed easily from anywhere in the world, making things easy and convenient for the functioning of your business.

Here are the trends in 2014 in Cloud Computing that small business owners should pay attention to:

1. Smartphones, phablets, and tablets have enabled information flow like never before. This year, the proliferation of mobile devices has increased the usage of cloud computing to a large extent.

A large segment of the consumer class owns a smart device, which is able to access data at the tip of their fingers and small businesses the world over has gained immensely through of this technological revolution. It has allowed Small Businesses to capitalize on consumer demands in real-time and deliver world-class service.

2. Over the past year, there has been an increase in the number of third-party apps, which have added to the total value of the cloud to the business owners. These apps are used to encourage brand engagement and also leads to higher brand recall.

3. Automated payments, instant communication, and fast transactions have helped businesses reduce friction in the workplace. All these benefits of cloud computing have enabled small businesses to boost the productivity of their functioning.

4. The security of cloud-based apps has always been a major concern. As more and more business shift to cloud-based data management, the importance of security of data and information has given rise to identity management solutions, which are meant to secure the data to the highest level. This is an ongoing process and there has been a continuous effort to better the security system for cloud computing.

5. Cloud computing software has already accelerated business operations and the pricing of the service has remained competitive among the providers since there have been many private providers who have entered the market.

These are some of the Cloud Computing trends of 2014, they have given small businesses access to a technological boost at a minimal cost. Cloud computing is definitely here to stay and you as a Small Business owner will need to explore it and customize it to fulfill your business requirements.

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