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Control Your Social Presence through Mobile

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When marketing your brand, or pushing for a new launch, it is important to keep tabs on your social media presence. Running a small or medium business entails building relationships with people, and social media provides the right platform to discover the right kinds of prospects. Therefore, monitoring conversations around your brand is a vital part of marketing for any company.

There are various tools available for social media monitoring; however, it can be challenging to manage this round the clock, as desktop apps don’t provide much mobility. Here are 5 top social monitoring tools on mobile that your company can leverage to monitor social conversations:

1. Google Alerts:

Google Alerts allows you to monitor activity around certain search keywords related to your area of business and sends an email whenever there are any articles or posts around those keywords, and is a good way to keep tabs on what is being talked about in the industry as well.

2. Klout:

Measure your social influence, and schedule posts based on the latest happenings in your area of expertise. Klout assigns a social media score to companies and measures their degree of influence. A good way to see how you rate compared to others in the same area, and to schedule posts around them.

3. Tweetdeck:

Tweetdeck is a brilliant tool that enables you to monitor multiple Twitter accounts, trending hashtags, and follower activity. It is a multi-tasking app that lets you post tweets to and from various accounts from one easy-to-use dashboard.

4. Topsy:

Topsy is a very useful tool to monitor all kinds of trending topics in virtually every category. It allows you to explore what experts and leaders are discussing, while also enabling you to tailor your updates and posts around these topics for higher visibility.

5. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is one of the best social media monitoring tools out there, and its ability to allow the monitoring of more than 35 social channels is what makes it win. One can also schedule posts and view detailed analytics around them to gather insights on what works and what needs to be improved.

Social media monitoring is an essential activity for small and medium businesses. It allows for a way to control what conversations matter and also enable quick response to any queries, even if you are on the go.

These social media monitoring tools are an easy way to gather insights around how your business stands and to also engage with others in the industry.

They have easy-to-use interfaces that can provide you with a neat snapshot of all the essential metrics, notifications and data even when you are not available to work on a particular client while travelling or outside of work. The convenience and mobility of these tools will make you more efficient at monitoring and controlling your social media presence even remotely.

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