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Emails: The Customized Marketing Solutions

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A lot of people tend to confuse email marketing with sending out a bulk of email with similar marketing content to a group of people. And this is where they lose out on one of the smartest tools of marketing. Emails are your best bet when it comes to targeting your customers one-on-one. Apart from individualising your content and giving it a personal touch, your email must be mobile-friendly. This is a necessity when it comes to new-age mobile-savvy consumers, who are indulging in multiple social and personal activities all on their mobile phones. You can give your digital marketing campaigns a personalised communicative dimension with emails. Here generalized promotional campaigns do not work very well. Emails are almost like personal messages you send to your consumers, so remember that a good email is one which addresses your consumer individually and addresses his or her context. Emails are meant to be sent in a way which is sure to land results, what with the high target for success in this medium. Here are a few basic criteria one must keep in mind while strategizing email campaigns:

  • Keep your design creative. Use layouts and colours which are utilitarian and also looks good. Your design must also be device as well as user-friendly. Make sure your creative design elements effectively target your audience, and it is often a good idea to customise your design according to your audience. Also, do not forget to make sure that your design elements reflect your brand identity as well.
  • Your subject line is where you have to focus your marketing strategies the most. Good, catchy, and of course personalised subject lines work best in garnering response. You must ensure that you don’t use words which will trigger spam filters.
  • Get your email platform-perfect. Very simply, it is mandatory for your emails to be mobile-friendly with the boom in mobiles as primary sources of communication as well as information/knowledge sources. Make sure your emails are compatible with all types of mobile-devices.
  • Avoid bouncing addresses and, invalid domains and users. These act as a bad influence on your marketing budget by continuously increasing costs as well as affecting your system’s deliverability. Harvesting regularly and appropriate adoptions go a long way in setting up that perfect email campaign.
  • Your emails must be customer-friendly too. Add features which will instigate as well as improve communication. Include sections for customer feedback and customer support. Connect your emails to quick response tools like helpline emails or database links. Make sure the data is well-researched, relevant, and comprehensive.

Emails are one of the most effective tools for marketing, providing a portal to the digital world with a variety of content such as text, images, videos, and URLs. Today, there are a host of email tools available to keep track of your email promotions – from customer relationships to schedules. Tools such as Assistant.to, Rapportive, boomerang, and others help your email marketing to get smarter at each step. The medium of email has often been considered a bane for many with the overload of spam marketing mails. Your business must ensure a smarter way of engaging your consumers and enhancing brand loyalties.

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