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How to improve SEO on your business website

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What is SEO? How can it help you and your business?

Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is very useful in getting your businesses name out there on the internet. Optimizing your website with relevant keywords can help you stay on top of search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Here we showcase some easy tips that can help you get your site ranked higher than your competitors.

Create an XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps can be created for free at these maps inform search engines about any new pages you may have added or edited on your website. This helps in indexing the site as soon as changes are made hence making it easier for your website to rank higher on search engine results.  

Create a Blog

One of the simplest ways to rank higher on search engines is to provide interesting, innovative and useful content. You can post about new products, new services, sales, your experiences etc. that deal with your business to generate interest in your blog and website. Customers will also find this useful and it adds a human touch to your business website.

Keyword Choice

The keywords that you enter into your website should be relevant to the products, services etc. that your company deals in. Make sure to use the right keywords that you think your customers might use to find your website when they use a search engine.

Optimize the Titles

Make sure that your page titles are optimized to include the important keywords that are regularly searched for to find your web page. Try and create titles that evoke questions, emotions, and also provide solutions for these questions and queries. Make sure your content matches the titles or search engines can blacklist you.

Build Back links

Talk to your customers and find out if they have blogs or websites of their own and ask them to link back to you. This is basically like a referral system for websites and can help your search engine ranking go higher than your competitors. Social media has also made it easier to get viral adverts, posters, movies, products etc. out there to be found by users so make the most of it.

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