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Improve Your Google Page Rank

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Your Small Business’s Website is often the center of its digital presence. Driving traffic to your online door is as important as driving physical footfall to your brick and mortar establishment. One of the ways to do this is by improving your Google PageRank. PageRank, defined by Wikipedia is “an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results”.

Meaning that Google uses a sophisticated algorithm that examines how many links point to your website or page. It also measures the quality of the sites that link to your website, the more relevant it is to the subject or content of your page, the more weight it gives to those links pointing to your website.

Therefore, to enable better organic traffic to your website, you need to optimize your website better for search engines to be able to find it. Here are a few factors which influence your PageRank and can help improve your rankings.

  • Inbound Links Your webpage is considered more relevant if there are links from other relevant websites and pages pointing to your website. The importance of these links is determined by how relevant their content is to your website’s content.
  • Unique Content It is of the utmost importance to create unique and quality content for your website. Google’s search engine prioritizes on good quality content and the more updated you keep it, the more chances it will have to show up more frequently in searches. Good quality content also necessarily needs to be SEO optimized. We recommend that you visit a Keyword Tracker Tool that analyses the words and phrases people use to find your website or you could install Google Analytics for your website and see which words people use to turn up at your site. 
  • Keyword density ShoutMeLoud defines Keyword Density as the “percentage of a number of times Keyword appeared on a Web page by total number of words in that page”.Since a keyword is that word or set of words that people will most likely use to search for your content, it is recommended to insert it into your content as often as possible. While cataloging pages, Google looks at the number of times the keyword is occurring on your webpage.
  • Metadata Meta-tags are a great way to provide search engines with information about your website since descriptions in the metadata is more algorithm friendly. Metadata is characterized by the meta tags you use in the HTML portion of your webpage. The most important meta-tag for the Google search engine is the description. The description you provide should be concise yet comprehensive. Each page on your website should be unique and should contain keywords.
  • Sitemap A sitemap catalogs all the pages within your site, normally organized in a hierarchical fashion. It is a simple and effective way to communicate to search engines what the pages are within your website so that Google can understand which pages are important and what is the frequency with which they are updated.

These are five of the most important aspects we think you should look at seriously within your website, to optimize it for search engines. Ultimately, it is solid, well-cataloged pages that Google ranks higher. As a result, these are also pages that become popular, which means they tend to get pushed even higher. Remember, good SEO reaps great benefits for your Small Business. So frequently update your site with well written and well-coded content, for it to rise to the top in search results.

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