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Improving Website Conversions

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One of the important goals of an Small Business is to improve web traffic and conversion rates.  You can get thousands of visitors that are increasing website traffic but at the same time, you need to look at the conversation rate optimization to funnel new customer engagements. Your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers on your website that are going to make a purchase. A good conversion rate optimization would be if you have a 2-3% conversion, which would lead to 50% uplift in results. Here are steps that your company can leverage to improve your website conversion: Create a unique value proposition: Let your Small Business highlight the benefits your product or service has to offer. Make this stand out on your homepage as well as on a few landing pages. Incorporate credibility markers: You should include testimonials, reviews and badges on your website to increase web traffic. These indicators on your website lets visitors know that your business can be trusted. It is important to feature influencers in your industry. If your prospective customers recognize anything on your website that they trust, then they will be more likely to trust you and therefore more likely to convert. Create clear call to actions: Set a pre-determined goal in order to create conversion rate optimization that will help in increasing website traffic. If your conversion goal is to obtain website visitors’ contact info as a lead, then it is important to present that submission or contact form in a way in which the visitors can find it easily. If your goal is to generate sales on the website, make it as simple for visitors to locate what they are looking for as they navigate your website. Reduce the usage of jargon: Write for people that use your site. Do not create a complicated business language that is difficult for your customers to comprehend. The most important aspect that marketers should use is clarity. Make it easy for people to buy: For a customer to buy something on your website, you need to ensure that your website is instinctive and clear. The web traffic that you generate through optimization should allow a user to know what to do next. Create filters so that you are not misleading your prospective customer when he has to make a choice among the products that he wants to buy. Make information available: For a Small Business website, you need to ensure that it contains all the details regarding product and service, company, contact and process information. You also need to provide information that would convince them. Pictures, videos and reviews are a great asset to help a buyer get the right information to make a purchase. Have a quick conversion process:  Ensure that it as easy for users to complete the conversion. Based on the type of industry, optimize your web traffic to provide the least information through a streamlined process. By optimizing your website to give you the right amount of web traffic, you can boost your conversion rates and drive sales. Make your website authentic enough to allow you to create a pipeline of customers and build on prospective leads. The important aspect of conversion rate optimization is that it is all about testing what works and what does not. Keep an open mind and a constant check on how your website is performing in order to reap the best conversions.  

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