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How to Rank Higher in Google Search

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Why would you want to rank higher on Google’s search engine you ask? Well mainly because it can help you get more customers to your page through the internet and maybe relate to more sales! That should be more than enough reason for you to read this article. Here are three things you can do to improve your business websites ranking on Google Search :


List out the various keywords and keyword phrases that you think people will search for on Google. Select niche keywords that are relevant to your company, products or services that you provide. This will help you stand out in the search results since you provide a detailed amount of keywords. Example – If you sell books on Ancient Indian History do not use the keyword “History” instead use keywords like Ancient History, Indian History etc.

• Second

Select specific keywords or phrases and create an entire page on that specific topic. This way you will have a single page with a detailed amount of information along with a cluster of relevant keywords or keyword phrases.

You can create various pages depending on the amount of relevant keyword phrases that you have shortlisted. This way you have various pages that can rank highly on Google’s search engine. You may also want to use the keyword or keyword phrase as the title of the page.

• Third

Start building relations with your customers who are bloggers and social media users to get the word out about your website. You can ask them to provide back links from their websites or blogs to provide more relevance to your posts and website.

Google searches your website to find out which other sites link to you. This works as a form of online reputation and improves your page rank. You can use the Google toolbar to learn what your page rank is and to find out the rank for other websites. Here’s the link for Google Toolbar –

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