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Why Startups are Going App-Only

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With millions of people engaging through the mobile, there lies huge potential to grow your business on an App Only approach. This means if a user tries to access your startup website, they will be redirected to the app store.

Before taking on this approach, ask yourself these questions: Is the mobile traffic high? Is this end of the road for all your desktop clients? You need to understand that if not now, all your customers are going to move to the app soon. Here are steps that your company can leverage when moving to an app only approach:

Improvement in engagement:

You can engage your customers through push notifications about company news and offers. This enables you to be visible to your customers even if they do not visit your page. Since our mind unconsciously registers images and text, this approach is sure to get you noticed.

Inspire loyalty:

As you channel your customers to generate business through an app only approach, customers tend to be more loyal to your brand. This is a result of the promotional campaigns and the app only offers that you generate through M Commerce.

For any new startup, this is a big boost to both the brand image and acts as a strong mechanism to generate sales. This will create a way to stay closer to your customers.

Enhancement in brand building efforts:

For a new startup, a mobile app will contribute greatly to brand awareness. This also increases the brand recognition, the more the customer gets involved in you app the more inclined they will be to buy your product or service. The app is your canvas to display the clever use of  UI( user interface) elements.

Get greater insights:

Customers grant certain permissions to app owners when they download your app. You will be able to learn from their purchases about their likes, preferences and spending capacity. You can also get information on the name, age and gender of the customers.

Provide Value to Your Customers: Improve the experience that your customer has with making a purchase. Use of coupons and offers through app only purchases can increase your downloads of the app and increase the number of customer returns.

Stand out from the crowd:

Most startup firms or SMBs channel their E Commerce presence through the company website. This could be a first for your company to venture into an app only business and you could take this on through a forward-thinking approach.

Develop a Direct Marketing Channel:

If you want to be within reach with your customers, an app can provide all the information that you would like to give them. This may include prices, product information, news feeds and service related information.

This can be enabled at their fingertips at anytime. Push notifications can help you create a direct interaction with the customer and provide product and service information at different intervals of time. With an app only approach, startups can venture into building relationships with customers and increasing their sales. You will have to choose between a mobile first or a mobile only strategy.

This is due to the large amount of mobile devices that have come into the market and have increased the interdependency of purchases being made through apps. The app only approaches for SMBS and new startups will help them inspire loyalty, stand out from their competition, increase engagement, and enhance brand loyalty.

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