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Come reach for the skies!

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“Taking the stairs”, is both a literal and figurative of saying that you choose a tougher route to your final destination. At some point during our lives, most of us have bypassed the elevator in order to use the stairwell. For me ‘taking the stairs’ in essence is pushing my physical boundaries. And I do this because it has helped me uncover my true mental and physical potential.

I started running soon after I turned 40 as a way to combat stress and keep health problems at bay. To date, I have run over a dozen marathons. Last year was a special year for me, I successfully completed 3 full marathons including; the London marathon, Mumbai marathon, and the Running & Living Gurgaon full marathon, along with this I ran the world’s longest relay, Portland Hood, to Coast and also completed the Bhatti Lakes Ultramarathon.

I today run an average of about 50 km per week and have over the past 3 years completed over 10 half marathons. I cannot emphasize enough how much it has helped me to relieve stress, regain perspective and recharge mentally. I would love for you to discover this for yourself – to find out what it means to push yourself or to be pushed in a way that you can reach for higher and better goals. While the physical benefits from running are immense the positive impact running has on you emotionally is tremendous. I have been able to gain emotional strength, which has helped remove the clutter and barriers from my mind.

When I was running the Mumbai marathon I was struggling with knee pain at the 32 km mark, I wanted to quit. But I cleared my mind and started focusing on the struggles my parents have endured. I completed the marathon with this train of thought and came out of it with a better understanding on struggles. Let the struggle not define and hold your life back, instead take charge of things you can control and move your life in a positive direction.

My love for running has to lead me to a new phase where I want to share this passion of mine with others and hopefully get many more to be impacted positively with the joy of running. I have over the past few years organizing programs to introduce people to running and get them to experience the fun and benefits. I am delighted to bring to Intuit India the “Sky Scrapper Dash” in partnership with Sport365. The Skyscraper Dash is a challenging vertical ascent that will be held on June 15 in Bangalore in the scenic Brigade Gateway campus.

It involves scaling 31 floors and 850 stairs of the World Trade Centre, one of the city’s tallest and most impressive buildings. Prizes, a beautiful rooftop view, and a sumptuous breakfast buffet await those who make it through this heart-pumping challenge. This event is the first of its kind to be held in India and is modeled after tower running events in other parts of the world, including the run-up of the Empire State Building in New York.

You can literally reach for the skies by signing up for one of three dash options in this event. But if climbing 850 stairs is not for you, then come and just be a part of the festivities which include live music, great food and a chance to egg other competitors on in their pursuit. I also want to invite you to attend the pre-event fitness rally at Cubbon Park on the morning of June 7. This will feature various information stalls and stations for you to check all your fitness and health parameters.

It’s a great chance for you and your friends and family to have these checks done in an informal and non-intimidating environment. So, do join us at Cubbon Park on June 7 and for the Skyscraper Dash on June 15. Take the stairs. Climb higher. Reach further.

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