Do more with Lightspeed,

Planday, and QuickBooks

Improve efficiency with apps that work together

From POS ordering and employee management systems to income and expense tracking, these apps talk to one another, saving you time to focus on what you bring to the table—managing your restaurant.

Create customizable menus

Assemble your menu in minutes and quickly update it from anywhere. Keep your staff informed of new menu items and present high-quality, mouthwatering photos of dishes and drinks that will keep customers ordering more.

Manage your staff


Planday lets you create and utilize templates so you can quickly roll out new schedules. see who is available to work, manage time-off requests, and streamline shift changes with real time staff messaging.

See your restaurant's big picture with ease

Use your custom dashboard, balance sheet and profit and loss report to understand how your business is doing. Create a budget for your spending and keep track the cash flowing in and out of your restaurant.  

Help your customers wherever they are  

Upgrade table service with a mobile POS-enabled iPad that allows customers—or servers—to order right from the table. Orders are automatically sent to the bar or kitchen and help ensure accuracy.

Always keep your team updated  

Send updates to your staff when they log in so everyone knows of changes to menu, service, hours, special events, and more. Messaging functionality lets you communicate with individuals or groups.

The restaurant management system built for you

Easily create your digital menu, complete with photos and descriptions, and set up your entire floor plan directly in your POS.


Control costs and maximize returns with everything from integrated employee time tracking to real-time stock management.


Collect all your sales numbers in easy-to-read reports you can use to make the right decisions for building long-term success.

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Simplify scheduling and make your restaurant run smoother

Quickly create the optimal work schedule using revenue data from Lightspeed to ensure wage costs align with sales figures.


Update employees of schedule changes in real-time, track attendance and stay connected at all times via in-app communications.


Produce fast and accurate payroll by integrating punch in and out data with QuickBooks Online.

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QuickBooks gives you a full view so you can make more informed decisions  

Track your expenses in one location. Once in QuickBooks, transactions are sorted into tax categories so you can approve or edit them, and QuickBooks learns from you over time.


Keep on top of your bills by recording payments with our recurring payments functionality. You can also pay multiple vendors and bills at the same time to save time.


Know how your restaurant is doing and how changes to the operations, staffing or menu will impact your bottom line. With custom reporting, you can easily analyze performance and make adjustments when needed.

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