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Stress buster #1: Let’s do 🧘‍♀️Yoga 🧘‍♀️

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I'm sure you have heard about all the benefits of a regular yoga practice. What's holding you back? 


  • Does yoga scare you? 
  • Do you think of yourself as not flexible at all?
  • Were you aware that there are many forms of yoga that you can practice?


 We always like to say there's yoga for every "body." There's also yoga for every season of life.


So let's tackle these questions one at a time. 


Does Yoga Scare You?

I can imagine that some people are afraid of yoga because it has a spiritual aspect to it. But there is a yoga type for every season of life and there is no religion attached to yoga.  Some yoga types are just a series of poses or flow that is almost an “athlete” type of yoga.

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 8.36.13 PM.png


Power Yoga Season of Life

I have practice yoga since my late 30s. And the yoga I practiced back then is different from the yoga I practice today at age 60. Back in my late 30, I was going through a divorce, and it was a time in my life where I wanted to forget all my troubles. I signed up for a Byron Baptiste class that was an hour and a half in a hot 90-degree room where I did the exact yoga sequence over and over, mindlessly like a workout. I would leave the yoga studio sweaty and exhausted. But I shut my day off. For that hour and a half, I shut off the whole world. It was a power yoga class, and it was effective.




Yin Yoga Season of Life

Fast forward to a different low point in my life when I lost a very close family member. I focused specifically on running marathons, and I let my yoga practice go. I ran like Forrest Gump, and I used my running to get through this challenging time in my life. But all that running led me to a place where I ended up with a pretty significant knee injury. And you know those times in life when you feel down and realize that it's a pivotal moment? The knee injury was my pivotal moment. That knee injury led me down a path to a different yoga studio with a gentler approach that was more therapeutic. 


I soon fell in love with the entire yin style practice, and I wanted to learn more. That led me to become a yoga teacher. 


As my accounting business got busier, I found that Yin yoga, a practice where you work on stretching the body's fascia and staying longer held poses in a more quiet space, was the practice for me. Not only to help me heal my knee injury, but it helped me mentally.


Making the Shift

I give you these two stories as examples of how yoga has changed my life. Now I live in a world of a bustling accounting firm and running three different businesses. We have the Accountant's Law Lab where we teach accountants how to do work with attorneys. I shifted my practice to working with only lawyers and law firms. This major shift resulted in an explosion of work. To the point where I sit in the chair all day long for ten to 12+ hours a day/7 days a week!


Remember what I said in the opening article? You rest, you rust? I was so busy with work I fell away from my yoga practice again. But I always return because I need to. I forgot the feeling inside of practicing yoga in the therapeutic benefits of my yoga practice. You move your body in all directions. The spine can flex forward and twist and the backbend. Our bodies are amazing! 


Just Do It!

If you are afraid of yoga, you can start small. You don't have to do an hour and a half of extreme power yoga to feel its effects. There is also restorative yoga, where you lie on the floor and be guided through relaxation. It's amazing! 


Once you start any style of yoga practice, it fast becomes life-changing. Not only do you feel better, but you begin to see the world in a different way, a more kind and gentle way. You become more mindful.


The focus on breathwork can help you to deepen and strengthen your lungs. Suddenly you feel the capacity to breathe expand.


Since we're all bookkeepers and accountants here, or maybe our business owner, I'm going to give you some stats and incredible data on the benefits of a yoga practice. 


Benefits of yoga Harvard Blog 


Yoga is better for mental health Harvard blog


You can do this practice in bite-sized pieces throughout the day as a break from the computer, or you can do this practice in the morning when you're just fresh and want to set the table for a phenomenal day.


Even the most inflexible person can benefit from regular practice. I can still remember the first time I hit a mat, and I bent in half to forward fold next to a regular yogi who quickly put his hands flat on the floor in a forward fold. Yes,I was peeking. I could barely get my hands to the top of my knees. But the more I practiced, very slowly my body started to change. I can now put my hands flat on the floor in a forward fold.


Below is a link to a desk-bound flow practice that is simple and can be completed in 15 minutes.

You can practice at home, and you don't even need any props to try this. 


Deskbound flow

Beginner yoga 


Let me know how you enjoy yoga. Namaste 🙏 


* * *


Along with being a Community Champion, Lynda Artesani is the founder of Artesani Accounting, a firm specializing in working exclusively with attorneys and law firms.  She is also the co-founder of The Accountant’s Law Lab, a private group for bookkeepers and accountants that want to specialize in working with attorneys or learn the complexities of law firm clients.


You can find Lynda on Social media here:






If you missed the first post in this series, you can find it here.  And make sure to come back next week for her next installment in this series which will take a look at how meditation can help you stay on top of running your business.  

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