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Stress Busters: Yoga, Meditation, and Sleep

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We are so close to the next accounting season. You can almost feel it. And we still have to finalize all our files for the current year.  And you can feel it in your body, your shoulders are creeping upward towards your ears, and you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things that you forgot to do. Your shoulders ache, and your back hurts. Have I just described you?


I speak from personal experience by describing moments I have felt in January, February, and March, where I stress out big time.  January is typically the season that the new leads come in and the cleanup work starts. Eventually, overwhelm takes over. How can we mitigate this intense feeling of exhaustion and anxiety and experience a sense of calm during the rush season?


The answers are as follows:



Yoga has been my main go-to for a long time. The benefits of moving your body in all directions is so healthy for the body.  Remember the old adage, "you rest, you rust?" Think about the position of the body when you're working. Our hip flexors are shortened, our shoulders are rounded, and overall it's not a great body position.



There are Harvard studies that support the power behind meditation. It's not just a waste of time to close your eyes and focus on your breath.  The studies indicate that taking a few moments, even just a mere five minutes, is beneficial.  And all you have to do is sit in a quiet space and count your breath, and you will soon develop a sense of calm to tap into that parasympathetic nervous system that will help you stay calm, relaxed, and not react to stressful moments. And other benefits include improved memory.



The power behind a great night's sleep is immense. It's not something that should be discounted. Did you know that a good night's sleep can actually help you to lose weight? Yeah, there's data behind that too. If you need a motivator, that's a great one. But there are also studies that show that a great night's sleep also helps with improved memory. Never mind better health as a perk.


In the next series of articles, I will go into these stress-busting tips in more detail. I will dive into some Harvard studies and some significant data behind why these three essential "must do" tasks you can make time in your life can set you up for a calmer tax and bookkeeping season.


* * *


Along with being a Community Champion, Lynda Artesani is the founder of Artesani Accounting, a firm specializing in working exclusively with attorneys and law firms.  She is also the co-founder of The Accountant’s Law Lab, a private group for bookkeepers and accountants that want to specialize in working with attorneys or learn the complexities of law firm clients.


You can find Lynda on Social media here:






Make sure to check out the next installment in this series which will be a deeper dive into Yoga and the benefits to a busy...

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