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The Top 9 Questions People Ask About Filing Payroll Taxes

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#1 - Can you help me pay my quarterly taxes?

Not only can we help you, we have an entire video that walks you through it.

Taxes? Paid!


#2 - How do I know that the amount due is correct?

Verifying the amount due is as easy as 1-2-3*. Just follow along with the steps below, or check out this article to get more information about your payroll tax payment and filing questions.

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1 - Select Reports, then scroll down to Payroll.
2 - Select Payroll Details.
3 - On the date range, select Custom.
4 - Enter the dates to match your liability period.
5 - Review the report to make sure all paychecks are there, and review the employee and employer tax amounts.

(*Ok, ok - as easy as 1-2-3-4-5, but still super easy, we promise!)


#3 - When does the money get taken from my bank account?

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But remember, to be safe and to prevent any delays in processing your payment, make sure to have the funds available when you file.


#4 - Did my payment go through? How can I check the status of it?

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Check e-filing or e-payment status


#5 - Can I delay my tax payment?

You can delay your payment until the due date as determined by the IRS and your State taxing authority, so if you need a little extra time it pays to check and see what they have listed as the date and time.

Just make sure you get those payments filed on time, as you may be subject to late filing penalties and interest if you miss the cutoff date.


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#6 - I paid my taxes already, why is it showing up as overdue?


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Did you make your payment outside of QuickBooks Payroll?

If you did, all you have to do is manually enter the payment so it is recorded in QuickBooks.


#7 - I’m having problems with my electronic payment, help!

Step 1 - Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
Step 2 - Check out the steps here and verify that you are fully set up to file electronically
Step 3 - Resubmit your payment
Step 4 - Dance a little jig and bask in that sweet sweet afterglow



#8 - I got a tax notice in the mail, what should I do?


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We've got your back, no worries! A tax notice may feel scary but we have a great article that goes over the most common notices and how to handle them.


#9 - I got a notice saying I overpaid my taxes, now what??

You can resolve most overpayments by yourself - as long as they fall under one of these categories:
- Federal overpayments (940, 941, and 944)
- State unemployment insurance (SUI) overpayments
- SIT overpayment (for some states)

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If you have an overpayment that doesn’t fall into one of these categories, then you will want to check out our article about resolving tax overpayments. (It also goes over the steps on how to resolve the ones you can on your own.)



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Got more questions? Help is right around the corner, just Ask the Community!



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Thanks so much for sharing this. I liked it so much I had to share on LinkedIn. :) 

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Thanks for the share @angelacct, glad you liked it! 

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