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Top 5 Ways to Support Small Businesses (without even having to leave the house!)

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Most people are aware of #SmallBizSaturday during the holidays, but this is a reminder that these businesses need your help all year round.  No need to go all out, but we put together a few ways that you can support your favorite small businesses all from the comfort of home.  


#1 - Shop Online

giphy Ok, so no surprise here, but the best way to support a small business is to shop there.  And what is better than shopping from the comfort of your couch in your pajamas??


Tip: If you don't know their website address simply do a search for "(Store name), your city".  


#2 - Post a picture and tag them on the social media channel of your choice

insta lys day.jpg

Posting a pic of something you bought from a small business on social media and tagging them in it is a great way to show support.  


Make sure to tag the business in the post (you can usually just type the @ symbol followed by the business name to see if they have an account), and don't forget to add hashtags!


Tags like #shoplocal and #shopsmall are good ones, but don't forget any 'National days' like #smallbusinesssaturday or #localyarnstoreday, and of course quick subject tags like #yarn, #plants, #breakfast, #farmersmarket, etc all help too.  


Hashtags and tagging the business help get their name out there and help others who share similar interests as you find new businesses they might not otherwise. 


#3 - The first rule of Review Club is: You should leave a Review, especially when you have had good servicereview club.jpg

The numbers are in, and more and more these days, people are using online reviews to help them make buying decisions.   According to a recent study, businesses with more than 9 fresh reviews (posted within the past 90 days) earn 52% more than average and those with more than 25 earn 108% more than average.   Every review counts, and your review could be the one that makes up someone's mind about a small business.  

And remember, the second rule of Review Club is: You should leave a Review, especially when you have had good service.


#4 - Sign up for their newsletter

giphy I know, I know. Most of us already get too many emails, and here I am asking you to sign up for yet another. 



everybody wins mannequins.png But, consider this; by signing up for newsletters to stores that you actually like and want to support, you are going to get fairly regular reminders that they exist, which means you are more likely to shop there regularly.   


PLUS, you will usually get a heads up on any sales/promotions/giveaways that they are doing and might even get a discount code every now and again.  Everybody wins. 





# 5 - Comment and like their posts on social media

Did you know that simply commenting or liking a post on social media helps raise visibility?  The algorithms that are used to personalize and highlight content are ever-evolving, but the more attention you give to a company, the better it will do online and in real life.   So even if you haven't bought from them in a bit, a thumbs up or heart will help them out.



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