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How to file W-2s and 1099s in QuickBooks Online Payroll

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For our customers who just came to QuickBooks Online Payroll from Intuit Online Payroll, here is how to complete your year-end filings.




Filing W-2s in QuickBooks Online Payroll is similar to what you are used to in Intuit Online Payroll.

  1. Select "Taxes" then "Payroll Tax"
  2. Scroll down to "W-2 copies A&D"

You can view or submit your W-2s or make changes to your employee's box 13 selections. Once you submit your W-2, QuickBooks will email you a confirmation when the Social Security Administration (SSA) accepts or rejects your submission. Email confirmations of accepted or rejected W2s may not happen until late January, when SSA begins processing submissions.

Who is responsible for delivering the W-2s to my employees?

If QuickBooks is paying and filing your federal payroll taxes & forms:

  • QuickBooks will print and mail your employee's W-2 forms.
  • For the 2022 tax season, the W2 forms that Intuit mails out will come in two formats; either pressure-sealed (with perforated sides), or secure window envelopes

If you are in charge of paying and filing your payroll taxes & forms:

  • You are responsible for providing your employees with a physical copy of their W-2.


In both cases, you can encourage employees to use the Workforce portal to view their W-2 as soon as you have filed. The employees can also opt-in to paperless W-2s if desired.

To see or change who is paying and filing your taxes, log into your account, then in the upper right corner select the settings ⚙ icon, then "Payroll Settings" to look at the "Taxes and forms" row.


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Please note:

  • If you need to file a 1099-NEC and any other version of a 1099, including the 1099-MISC, you will not be able to file from the same account. We recommend using a second contractor payment account to file the additional form.
  • If you previously used Intuit Full Service Payroll, it is important to note that we will no longer be filing your 1099s for you. You are responsible for the filings by following the instructions provided here.
  • For accountants with wholesale clients (the bill goes to you):
    • If the wholesale clients don't have QuickBooks payroll or the contractor payments product, then they can complete the 1099 process, including printing and mailing them. These clients cannot e-file their 1099s as you would be billed an additional charge.
    • If the wholesale clients do have QuickBooks payroll or the contractor payments product, they can complete the 1099 process, including e-filing, as the cost is included in their subscription fee.


You can submit 1099 filings directly from within your payroll account. To get started, select Taxes and then choose 1099 filings. Choose "Get Started" or "Continue your 1099's." These steps are similar to our Intuit Online Payroll system. However, you must select which accounts to map to each box rather than inputting a total amount.

You will receive an email when your forms have been submitted and when they are accepted or rejected by the IRS. We will also print and mail your contractors their copy of the 1099 and an invitation to view their 1099's using our free Contractors account.


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