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QuickBooks Online Payroll and Time Product News

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QuickBooks Online Payroll and Time product news

These are the latest updates from the QuickBooks Online Payroll and Time teams. The teams heard your feedback and made improvements to increase the value of your QuickBooks Online Payroll and QuickBooks Time subscriptions.


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Winter 2024 payroll and time product news

1099 improvements and new functionality!

Based on the feedback you gave us, and due to IRS changes including the requirement to electronically file for 10 or more forms (W2 + 1099), we completed revamped the QuickBooks Online 1099 filing processing including:

If you missed it, you can still watch the Facebook Live recordings with the head of the 1099-NEC/MISC process, Tiffany!


QuickBooks Time in QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooksTime_ProductUpdates.png We’re listening to you and have made multiple improvements to how QuickBooks Time is integrated into QuickBooks Online Payroll including improved time entry and pay item mapping, as well as the ability to approve time in the run payroll flow. Hear more about these improvements from the head of QuickBooks Time, Jen Bickerstaff, and two of the key people behind the improvements - Mike Hagman and Kelvin Li about the recent QuickBooks Time product improvements.

Health insurance through Allstate

Benefits_through_Allstate.png QuickBooks Online Payroll employers can now get health insurance through Allstate. This partnership represents a significant step forward in providing comprehensive support for business owners when selecting benefits for their companies and employees. QuickBooks Online Payroll customers will have the ability to research and purchase insurance plans through a specially designed online portal. And for extra guidance, customers will have access to a team of Allstate Health Solutions benefits advisors dedicated to building the right plan for their business and employees. Employers will also save time by having deductions synced with QuickBooks Payroll, eliminating the risk of errors and saving them the trouble of making manual adjustments each time they onboard a new employee or a team member’s deductions change. Learn more about how to sign up for health insurance through QuickBooks and Allstate Health Solutions.

Easily manage payroll items for multiple employees at once

BulkEditPayrollItems.png QuickBooks Online Payroll Core, Premium and Elite customers can now easily view and manage payroll deduction, contributions and pay time for multiple employees at once. You can create, assign, view, edit, or remove payroll items from the tool instead of editing each employee’s profile. Check out a video to see how bulk payroll item management works, or read about how to bulk manage your payroll items in QuickBooks Online Payroll.


Improved document management in QuickBooks Workforce


As we continue to expand team management capabilities in QuickBooks Online, we’re making changes to the QuickBooks Workforce employee portal. After you invite your employees to QuickBooks Workforce, they can view their pay stubs and W-2, and track their time (if enabled). Some employers can also share documents with their employees. See how to securely share documents with your employees.


More granular ability to update past transaction mappings

AccountMapping-DateRange.png We heard you loud and clear and implemented this feature where customers can update accounting preferences for past transactions based on current preference settings at a more detailed level. Customers can choose their ‘Start  Date’ - the date which they would like to start the update from, where the ‘End Date’ is set to be the day of the update. The ability to change your accounting preferences in QuickBooks Online Payroll is available both in the US and Cana....


Print pay stubs or paychecks after running payroll


Again, thanks to your feedback, we realized we needed to make it easier for you to change your printer settings so you can print pay stubs or paychecks. Now, after processing payroll you can choose to “Change print settings” to switch between printing pay stubs or paychecks. Learn more about how to print or reprint paychecks and pay stubs.




Import reminders to all our new customers

You’re in Control of Who Pays and Files with QuickBooks Online Payroll Core, Premium, and Elite! While we let you run payroll as soon as we have the critical information for accurate payroll calculations, you still need to complete additional setups so QuickBooks can pay and file your payroll taxes and forms for you. Until you complete the full setup process you’re responsible for paying and filing. Go to the Payroll Overview page to see any outstanding tasks you have left to do. Learn more how to set up QuickBooks Online Payroll to pay and file your payroll taxes and forms.


Easily import employees and pay history

We’re making it even easier to bring your employee and current year pay history information into QuickBooks Online Payroll. We’ve updated the initial version so now you can either fill out and upload a spreadsheet or just import reports from ADP, Gusto or Paychex into QuickBooks Online Payroll.


Additional improvements



Summer 2023 payroll and time product news

Documents-380.jpg Document management made easy!
We heard you. So we created a way for you to upload and store employee and company documents in QuickBooks Online Payroll. You can create folders, rename documents, and upload PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs. Learn more about managing documents in QuickBooks Online.

Payroll item report and in-product view
We’ve added a lot here, and there’s more to come. Similar to QuickBooks Desktop, you can now run a payroll item report to see all the payroll items your company uses and see all your payroll items in bulk. To keep your books accurate, we’ve also added an alert if the payroll item is mapped to an inactive account or class.

Easily see who’s paying and filing payroll taxes and forms
TaxReadinessWidget-380.jpg You’re in control of who pays and files your payroll taxes and forms with QuickBooks Online Payroll, but setup must be complete before QuickBooks can pay and file for you. Select “Payroll” to see a new component on the page that lets you know if there’s more for you to do so QuickBooks can pay and file your payroll taxes and forms for you.

More improvements for managing contractors
On the Contractor List, you can now see if a contractor's W-9 information is ready, missing, or still outstanding. Select “Finish setup and pay” to send them an invite or reminder to fill out their W-9. Learn more about how you can invite a contractor to add their own tax information

1099_Bulk_Download_3802.png Bulk download of 1099s
No need to download one-by-one. Instead you can now download all of your 1099s with a simple click of a button.

Filed New Hire reports are available in Archived Forms
While QuickBooks Online Payroll has been taking care of your new hire reporting, we improved reporting—now, the New Hire reports are available as PDFs under Archived Forms. See how to view an archived payroll form.

More employee information—Emergency contact & preferred name
Not only can employees edit their name during employee self-setup, now they can also add their emergency contact information and preferred name during employee self-setup or through their employee profile on Workforce. Employers can also view and update this information via employee profiles. So let QuickBooks remember all the important info, like which “William” prefers to go by “Will” vs. “Bill." Additional fields, including “Manager” and “Department," are coming soon.

Credit Karma Money and QuickBooks Workforce are stronger together
QuickBooks Payroll employees onboarding to a new job in Workforce can now open a Credit Karma Money account and build their credit score with every paycheck. Learn more about Credit Builder.

QuickBooks_Workforce_App.png New QuickBooks Workforce mobile app!
Employees of companies using QuickBooks Online Payroll or Time have a new mobile app that they can use to view paychecks, W-2s, clock out from your locked screen, and more. Get the app on Google Play and the Apple app store. Learn more about QuickBooks Workforce and how employees can view their pay stubs, and W-2 or even sign up for eco-friendly paperless W-2 delivery.

Setup QuickBooks Time with an onboarding expert
QuickBooks Time customers can schedule a free 60-minute call with an onboarding expert to help:

  • Get your team ready to track time
  • Connect with your payroll
  • Set up job codes and time off

Or do it on your own by following the instructions and videos in the manager’s getting started guide.

And much more…

Winter 2022 payroll and time product news

Expanded features

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate updates for everyone
States sometimes change their SUI rates and name a start date in the past (for example, the first of that year). Now, US QuickBooks Online Payroll customers can change their SUI rate (even if it’s retroactive) to the start of any open quarter. If you need to update your SUI for a closed quarter, contact us for help. See how to update State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate.

Improved work location management in QuickBooks Online Payroll
Employers can now edit, delete, or mark a work location inactive. No more need to contact Support — employers can do it themselves.

Form-943_385.png Support for agricultural businesses filing IRS Form 943
Working with our agriculture customers, we addressed this top feedback request. Now all QuickBooks Online Payroll customers, including those coming from QuickBooks Desktop, can file IRS Form 943. Learn more about IRS Form 941, 944, 943, and 940.

New features
Make deductions and contributions based on hours worked
Customers can now use hours worked by employees to determine payroll deductions and contributions. Adding this new feature eliminates any need for manual workarounds. Learn how to set up, change or delete employee-paid payroll deductions and company contributions
QuickBooks Assistant improvements
QuickBooks Assistant (chatbot) can now help update your info when you upload a notice for deposit frequency change from the IRS and several states (VA, MD, MO, CT, PA, GA, CO, WI, IL) or SUI rate changes (AZ, CA, KY, ID, IL, MA, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SC, and WA). Learn how to upload your payroll tax notice.


Easier ways to manage contractors
Now, you can mark which contractors should be tracked for 1099 purposes. Also, you can access contractors through the Payroll and Expense tabs.





For new QuickBooks Online Payroll and Time customers

Improved QuickBooks Time setup
We’ve made improvements to QuickBooks Time, including an updated setup task list. See how to get started with QuickBooks Time.

Improved expert review and setup for Elite Payroll Customers
When Elite Payroll customers select Expert Review, our experts remain available (through in-product chat) to help with document uploads and scheduling support calls.

QuickBooks Simple Start now integrates with QuickBooks Time
Customers who use QuickBooks Online Simple Start can now integrate QuickBooks Time. Learn how to turn on and set up time tracking in QuickBooks Online.

team.jpg Migrate team details from ADP, Paychex, and Gusto
QuickBooks Online customers can now import their team data using payroll reports from ADP, Paychex, and Gusto. Download the reports from your prior provider and upload them directly into QuickBooks Online Payroll. Customers switching from ADP and Gusto can also import pay history using payroll reports.

More data flows from QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to QuickBooks Online Payroll
We’re improving migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. We now include more payroll information:

  • Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) setup
  • Employee bank account info
  • Company (employer) payroll bank account
  • Direct deposit connection info (including payroll limits)

Switch payroll from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Standalone Payroll
Customers can now migrate their payroll info from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Payroll Standalone. They can continue using QuickBooks Desktop for books and export payroll info to QuickBooks Online Payroll Standalone. See more about moving your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll info to QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Canadian QuickBooks Online Payroll product news

Canadian customers can bulk-upload T4 and RL-1 to QuickBooks Workforce
Canadian QuickBooks Online Payroll employers can now send their employees’ T4 and RL-1 to Workforce in bulk. Watch a quick video tutorial showing how to bulk-upload T4 and RL-1 to QuickBooks Workforce .

Split direct deposit improvements for Canada

When an employee’s wages are deposited into two bank accounts, we debit two different amounts from the employer’s bank account.  With the new split direct deposit improvement, we'll now create two journal entries to match the two debit transactions that hit the employer’s account.



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Fall 2022 payroll product news

Increased flexibility for employers

payroll-380.png More ability to update your SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) rate. Sometimes a state will change its SUI rate and have a start date in the past (e.g. the first of that year). If you have employees in these states, (AK, AR, DE, FL, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, MO, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, OH, OK, OR, PA, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV) you can change your SUI rate even if it’s retroactive to the start of the year. You’ll be able to update SUI rates retroactively for the remaining states soon. In the meantime, contact us for help updating your rate. See how to update State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate.

Unlimited hourly pay rates. Previously, you could only enter up to eight (8) hourly pay rates per employee. We listened to your feedback, and now you can add unlimited hourly pay types.


Empowering employees

w2-380.png QuickBooks Workforce is a great way for your employees to have access to their pay stubs and W-2s any time they need. Each time you run payroll, they’ll get an email letting them know their pay stubs are available to view and print. They can also view and print their own W-2s at tax time. If you haven't already done so, invite your employees to Workforce.

Starting in September, we began empowering employees to update their personal information, including tax withholdings, in QuickBooks Workforce. We heard you and delivered this top feature request so your employees can manage their own data. It saves you time to focus on your critical business needs. Here are the QuickBooks Workforce instructions for your employees to update their personal information.

Paperless W-2 delivery for employees through QuickBooks Workforce. Employees can now opt-in for paperless W-2s. This feature will help your employees get their W-2s from QuickBooks Workforce five days faster (from Jan 15 to Jan 10). and filed with the government 10 days faster (from Jan 26 to Jan 16). It’s also safer, as it prevents W-2s from being lost or stolen. And if you’re like us, you love trees, so going paperless this year helps us save nearly 10 tons of trees.


Improved security


Improved security with multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a way for us to verify your identity by sending a unique one-time code to your pre-registered mobile number. The goal of introducing MFA is to deter fraud by malicious actors. Applying MFA in sensitive flows in Payroll will enhance the protection and security of you and your employees’ money, sensitive data and identity. Learn more about multi-factor authentication for key payroll workflows.



Simple, fast contractor payments

QuickBooks Contractor Payments solution


We built a product for self-employed individuals and businesses who need to pay freelancers and independent contractors but don’t yet need accounting software. This new service allows you to:

  • Invite contractors to self-setup
  • Get paid by direct deposit
  • E-file their 1099's.

And when you're ready for accounting or payroll, you can easily turn on QuickBooks Online. Learn more about our Contractor Payment solution.



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We'd love to hear from you about how we can make them better. To help us build the experience you want to see, please fill out this brief survey 

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