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QuickBooks Time Tips: Full Demo

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Are you a visual learner ready to explore your time tracking options with QuickBooks? Then look no further, we got you covered. Our 30 minute webinar offers a hands-on opportunity to see QuickBooks Time in action and ask questions right as they pop in your head. Join Sherissa for her QuickBooks Time Demo for Elite Accounts as she explains the ins and outs of timesheets and their reports. 

Reports are some of the most important pieces of data to access and understand. I’m going to take an in depth look at two of them you’ll love in QuickBooks Time.

Let’s start with the Payroll Report. 

  1. Go to Reports > Payroll Report.
  2. Select the report dates and other filters as needed, and choose Run Report.
  3. To view details: Select Expand All or select the expand icon (+) next to each name.
  4. To print the report: On the report itself, at the top, select the printer icon. Note: this prints what your current report view looks like.
  5. Or right-click the report, and select Print.

Payroll Report.png

Note: If you want to change the ‘hours total’ format from Decimal to HH:MM, before you click Run Report, select "HH:MM".

Payroll Report 2.png

Another report you’ll want to know about is the Itemized Total Time (also called the Project Report in some accounts).

  1. Go to Reports > Project Report.
  2. Select your filters (by team member, customer/job, custom fields, etc), and select Run Report.

Note: Filters can be added after running the report by clicking on a slice of the pie chart to drill the information down. Remove the filter(s) by clicking Clear All Filters at the top of the report or clicking x next to an individual filter.

Not a fan of pie charts? No worries, you can select View Timesheets to see the timesheets associated with them. 

Project Report 3.png

From that View Timesheets screen, you can open those into PDF form. Keep in mind though, a PDF won’t keep your filters you applied to the report.

If this got you excited about managing timesheets and reports, check out the webinar options and sign up. Sherissa is happy to help!

During this session you will learn:

  • How to Schedule Shifts for your team
  • How to Track & Manage Time
  • How to Track & Manage Projects
  • How to Edit and Manage employee timesheets
  • How to run Reports to view time data

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