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The Answer Room: Hashtag Holidays

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Hello Community! I’m back with another recap of our latest Answer Room session. With the holiday season upon us, there is no better time to discuss how you can join in on the festivities and incorporate Hashtag Holidays into your social media strategy.


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In our last Answer Room event, we covered the Hashtag Holidays that will be happening between now and the end of the year. While this article will also serve to highlight the current holiday season, there are tons of Hashtag Holidays throughout the entire year, so be sure to check those out if you want to continue to participate in the trends in the new year.


What Are Hashtag Holidays?

November Hashtag Holidays

December Hashtag Holidays


What are Hashtag Holidays?


Hashtag holidays are great opportunities to improve your marketing and online presence. Everyone knows about the typical holidays, such as New Years, Valentine’s Day, and so on. However, there are also tons of smaller, unique holidays throughout every month of the year that you can incorporate into your marketing plans to create fun or impactful content that reaches a very broad audience. 


Each of these smaller holidays has its own hashtag associated with it, hence the name hashtag holidays. With this in mind, we want to share with you a handful of upcoming hashtag holidays that you may want to add to your content calendar.


We will also be sharing just a couple options for how you can take part in each of these days, and we’d love to hear from you on how you choose to join in on the fun!


November Hashtag Holidays


The first holiday to highlight is November 21st, which is National Entrepreneurs Day. This holiday really opens the floor to highlight your entrepreneurial journey, or give a shoutout to any entrepreneurs who have inspired you or impacted you along the way.


Then we have the more known holidays, starting with Thanksgiving Day on November 23rd. You can highlight the day with sharing personal touches like what you’re thankful for this year, or keep it more professional with a thank you to your employees, customers, or community for their support of your business this year.


And the day after Thanksgiving brings us to one of our favorite hashtag holidays and one of the biggest days of the year for the retail world: Black Friday. Kick off the weekend of shopping by sharing what your company has to offer and how you will be honoring the Black Friday sales traditions.


Moving on, we have November 25, or Small Business Saturday. This nationwide celebration encourages shoppers to show their support by focusing their shopping on small businesses. Leading up to Small Business Saturday, make it known that you’ll be participating by running a special, hosting an event, or maybe even partnering up with a fellow small business to really share the love.


For those small businesses that offer online sales, get ready for Cyber Monday on November 27th. You will want to really take advantage of the traffic associated with this day and find a way to join the festivities. Market your online deals in advance, and do your best to ensure a positive experience for the customers who do show their support on Cyber Monday to keep those buyers coming back.


Ending out the back to back Thanksgiving week holidays is Tuesday the 28th, or Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a day focused fully on giving back in any way you can. One participation idea that we suggest is supporting a cause or organization that you hold dear in whatever way seems fit. Whether that’s by making a donation, volunteering time, or simply posting a shoutout to increase awareness.


December Hashtag Holidays



Moving into December, we have Hanukkah from December 7th through the 15th. If you celebrate this holiday, use this time to share how you’re honoring the holiday and its traditions. 


Then we have December 10: Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day is an incredibly important holiday and a wonderful time to take action. There are a lot of ways you can honor this day and use it as a time to continue to advocate for change, so I do highly recommend that you look into how you can really make an impact on this day.


Similar to Black Friday in November, we have Super Saturday, on December 23, which is basically Black Friday 2.O. Super Saturday marks the last day of the Christmas season shopping before the holidays take place, and it is historically a huge revenue day for businesses. 


Some ways you can take advantage of this hashtag holiday are to offer last minute shopping sales, utilize your social media platforms to encourage those shoppers who may have procrastinated just a little too long, and use hashtags like #SuperSaturday, #LastSaturdayForDeals and #LastMinuteShopping.


The next couple holidays are pretty obvious and well known, but they are Christmas Eve on December 24, and Christmas Day on December 25th. If you celebrate the holiday, then this is a fun time to add some personal flare and show how you’re participating in the festivities this year. This could be in the form of showing your holiday decor, sharing about one of your yearly traditions and encouraging your followers to share theirs, or doing a “what I would gift this year” piece where you highlight some of your products that would make great gifts.


The final hashtag holiday of the year is New Year’s Eve on December 31. This is a great time to get active on your social media as you set your goals and intentions for the upcoming year. You may want to post about your goals for your business, your plans as they relate to your customers, or how you hope to impact and give back to your employees, community, or cause of choice in the year to come.



Hashtag holidays are fun, and provide so many different opportunities for businesses to grow their social media presence, as well as shed light on views and values that companies may have. 


As I’ve mentioned, there are many more hashtag holidays that you can get involved with, and I highly recommend staying up-to-date on what those are, so you can really utilize them when it comes to social media and marketing. 




And that’s it for today! Have a wonderful holiday season, and don’t forget to find us on X if you’d like to join us live for our Answer Room events.


See you next time!

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