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The Answer Room: Spring Hashtag Holidays

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Hello Community! Spring is upon us, and that means The Answer Room is bringing you a fresh list of hashtag holidays to add to your marketing calendars.


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In our last Answer Room event, we covered some of the Hashtag Holidays that are coming up over the next few months. In addition to the holidays highlighted in this article, there are tons of Hashtag Holidays throughout the entire year, so be sure to check those out if you want to continue to participate in the trends all year long.


What are Hashtag Holidays

March Holidays

April Holidays

May Holidays


What are Hashtag Holidays?


Hashtag holidays are fun opportunities to change up your marketing and improve your online presence. 

Most everyone is familiar with the well known holidays like Thanksgiving, New Years, and so on. However, there are also tons of smaller, unique holidays sprinkled throughout the year that you can incorporate into your marketing plans to create fun or impactful content that reaches a very broad audience. 


Each of these smaller holidays has its own hashtag associated with it, hence the name hashtag holidays. So today we will be going over some of the common and well-known spring holidays, as well as some of the lesser-known hashtag holidays that you can keep in mind.


We will also share a few ways you can get involved, but please know that these are just baseline examples, so we do recommend that you do some research and choose the path of celebration that is most suitable for you and/or your business.

March Hashtag Holidays




Okay, first up on our list is International Women’s Day. This holiday falls on March 8th, and it is a great day to celebrate all of the amazing women that have impacted the success of your business, or simply to celebrate the wonderful women in your life.


There are a couple ways that you can celebrate this day. The first is to privately celebrate them, whether that is simply reaching out to them and thanking them for what they've done for you or your company, providing them with a token of your gratitude, or whatever feels most natural and appropriate for your business.


Another great way to celebrate this day if you want to be more public with your celebrations would be to highlight some of the women that you want to show gratitude for across your social channels or your community channels. Not only does this route allow you to show your love to the women that you are highlighting, but it also shows your follower base and your customers how important women are, and how much you value them.


Next up is Equal Pay Day on March 12th. For a little background on this holiday, it originated in 1996 and its purpose is to bring awareness to the gap between men's and women's wages and Aid in efforts to eliminate unfair pay practices and pay disparity. 

A fun fact about this holiday is that the reason it falls on a Tuesday is to symbolize how far into another work week women would have to work in order to make the same amount that their male counterparts made in the previous week.


One great way that I found for how to take part in Equal Pay Day activities is to hold a company Think Tank. While this suggestion isn't necessarily something that would be customer-facing, the environment within your business is equally as important as your appearance externally. 


The concept of the think tank would be to bring all of your employees together and raise awareness to different kinds of discrimination your employees may have faced, be that gender, race, age or any of the discriminatory factors. Then, have everyone brainstorm how your company can avoid issues like this or how you can improve your support of women and minorities in general, and then have everyone come together for an open discussion on what steps can be taken.



Just a few days later we have World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th. This holiday is a means of raising awareness globally regarding consumer rights. By taking part in the celebrations of this day you can help to demand that the rights of consumers be protected and help protest against market abuse.


Every year there is a theme associated with World consumer rights day, and this year the theme that has been selected is fair and responsible AI for consumers. If you are a company that uses AI, this is a great time for you to not only reflect on whether your AI practices truly are fair and responsible when it comes to your consumers, but also to show your customers what steps you have taken to protect consumers as you integrate AI into your practices.


Now for a more commonly known holiday, we have Saint Patrick's Day on March 17th.  


Obviously there are some traditions associated with this holiday, one of which is for everyone to wear green. And you may choose to celebrate this day by hosting a company party and decorating your business appropriately, or even keeping it simple in the way of themed email campaigns or social media posts. But another fun way to celebrate this holiday is to stay on theme with the color green, but with a twist. Instead of just wearing green or decorating with green, help your customers save some green by offering a Saint Patrick's Day promo, and be sure to use that promo to your advantage in your marketing campaigns.

April Hashtag Holidays



To start April out with some fun flair, there’s April Fools Day on April 1st. Again, this is one of the better known holidays, but it’s a classic and a great day to get active on social media. One fun example of how a company used April Fools Day as a marketing tool was when Google announced that their search engine could search smells for you. 

While this was obviously a prank, it was successful at creating buzz and conversation surrounding their company and the true capabilities of their search tools. 


I do want to add that while April Fools' Day is a great time to incorporate humor and good fun into your marketing, you do want to be sure that everything is done in good taste and that it doesn’t cause any harm, or leave a negative impression of your company. 


Another great hashtag holiday happening in April is World Health Day on April 7th. 

This is a good time to encourage your customer base to find time to prioritize physical and mental health in their day-to-day lives. A wonderful way to do this is to become relatable to your audience and lead by example by either sharing a health practice that you personally implement in everyday life, or by sharing a way that your company encourages and prioritizes their employees’ health. 


Next we have National Tax Day on April 15th, which marks the deadline for tax filings, and the end of tax season. Of course, the number one way you can get involved is to make sure that your tax filings are submitted by midnight on the 15th.


You can also use National Tax Day as a time to give a shout out to your tax preparer and all of the hard work they do. Or, if you’re an individual who works in the accounting or tax industry, you can share your top tips for small businesses who are closing out tax season, or even share some of your top tax season wins!


Everyone has a deep desire to feel seen and appreciated and what better day to give that feeling to your customers than Get To Know Your Customers Day on April 18th?


This could look like asking customers if you could give them a quick 3 minute interview about their  likes and dislikes so that you can better understand who your customer base is. It can also look like engaging with your customers across social media to better get to know them, or it could even take the form of highlighting different customers that have been loyal to your business throughout the years.  


Really, how you choose to celebrate is up to you, but the main goal is to make sure that your customers know that you see them, that you appreciate them and that their voices matter.


There are tons of other hashtag holidays in April, but the one of the last ones I’ll list is Earth Day on April 22nd. This is an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to a cause, or even highlight the ways that your company commits to preserving or improving the state of our planet. 


Depending on what’s feasible for your business, you can even encourage sales on Earth Day by creating a benefit associated with a purchase, such as donating 1% of each sale toward an eco-friendly cause.


May Hashtag Holidays



Closing out April brings us to National Small Business Week which is April 28th through March 4th this year. National Small Business Week has been recognized and celebrated for more than 50 years and is seen as a time to recognize the critical contributions of all of the entrepreneurs and small business owners across America.


There are so many ways that you can get involved with celebrating National Small Business Week but one that I would recommend would be to use the time to share the why behind your small business. What I mean by this is share why you started your small business in the first place, share what impact you hope to have by owning your small business, or simply share the story of how your business started and got to where it is today.


The celebrations are an entire week long, so again, there are so many different ways to celebrate, but another great choice would be to use the time to highlight other entrepreneurs or small businesses that you love and recommend to others.


And getting involved with this week of celebration doesn't just apply to small business owners or entrepreneurs. For any consumers that are reading, please use this time to not only show support by purchasing or frequenting your small businesses of choice, but to also leave them reviews or shout them out on your social handles.


And the last hashtag holiday that we will talk about today is National Small Business Day. Surprisingly enough, National Small Business Day does not fall during National Small Business Week, which means there is another opportunity on May 10th for you to show even more love for small businesses.


The opportunities for celebrating this day are very similar to those we discussed for National Small Business Week, but some additional ideas would be:

  1. Share your best tips for any individuals that are looking to be an entrepreneur or a small business owner.
  2. Partner up with another small business to offer a promo or simply to cross market for each other and reach a larger audience. 
  3. Call out the individuals or factors that have played a role in your business success over the years.



As we mentioned, there are many more hashtag holidays that you can get involved with, and I highly recommend staying up-to-date on what those are, so you can really utilize them when it comes to social media and marketing. If you do choose to incorporate hashtag holidays into your social media plan, be sure to always include the hashtag that is associated with the holiday of choice to ensure that your post gets more visibility in that trend.


And that’s it for today! Enjoy the upcoming holidays, and don’t forget to find us on Facebook if you’d like to join us live for our Answer Room events.


See you next time!


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