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Top 5- Year End 1099s

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Hello Community! Welcome back to another Top 5. Are you wondering what the cost for 1099 MISC’s are or how you can go about resending a 1099 invitation? If so, then you’re in luck because this time around, we are going over the top questions on the topic of 1099s. We want you to feel prepared this Year's End so go grab a cup of coffee and make sure to keep hanging around.
Let’s dive in and take a look!

1. What is the cost of 1099 MISC?

Great question!
Let me share with you some information about the cost of 1099 MISC for QuickBooks users.
QuickBooks Online has a great time-saving feature that allows you to run and pull up 1099 forms. You have the option to e-file or mail them to the IRS.
If you're referring to the 1099 E-File service, it starts at $15. This includes creating and e-filing up to three 1099-MISC forms to the IRS. For each additional form, the price is $3.99. I advise you to check this link for more details and available discounts: E-file 1099s.
On the other hand, you can also pull up the form for free (as long as you have an active payroll subscription) and manually file it to the IRS. The IRS requires you to send 1099s on pre-printed paper forms. You can purchase your 2023 Pre-Printed 1099 Kits with us. This kit includes paper forms 1099 and 1096, and compatible double-window envelopes.
For additional info in regards to 1099, please check this link: Common questions about 1099s.

2. How do I generate a list of all my 1099 recipients with their SS#, addresses, and amounts they’ve...

I’m glad you asked!
I have just the steps you'll need to generate a list for this information. Take a look below:
Print the 1099 Information Sheet
  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Expenses tab > the Vendors section. Click Prepare 1099's.
  2. Within the 1099-MISC module, fill in the necessary information until you're on Step 4. This screen will list all of your 1099 vendors and the total amounts they've been paid so far this year.
  3. Click Print Information Sheet. This list includes the information from the previous screen, as well as personal vendor data such as SS# and addresses.


That’s it! You should now have your 1099 information sheet.

3. How can I delete an account that is associated with a Form 1099 box? I'm getting an error message. 

I got you covered!
Let me share with you some additional information about the error you're getting when deleting an account in QuickBooks Online.
This sync error occurs when an account was deleted in that is associated with a Form 1099 box in QBO. This prevents the sync from being able to delete the account. To fix this, the account will need to be removed from the Form 1099 box.
Here's how you can go about removing this:
1. Go to the Expenses menu on the left pane, then select the Vendors tab.
2. Click Prepare 1099s in the upper right.
3. Choose Continue your 1099s.
4. Navigate to the Accounts page.
5. Locate the specific account.
6. Update the account to a different account or uncheck the box(es) that are required for tracking.
7. Click Save and Finish Later to close the window.
That should do it. Those steps should help you delete the GL account in your QBO!

4. How do I resend a 1099 invitation if the contractor cannot view it because it expired?

I’m here to help! It's super easy to resend another invitation to the contractor.
Let me walk you through how to send the link again within QuickBooks Online. It is important to note that the invitation you sent to your contractor does expire after 24 hours.
So to resend the invitation, you’ll want to follow these steps:
  1. Click Worker/Payroll and then choose Contractors.
  2. Select the contractor's name to resend the 1099 Form.
  3. Press on the hyperlinked Send a reminder beside the contractor's name.


Once done, confirm with your contractor if she/he is able to receive 1099 invites again.
To learn more about inviting a contractor in QuickBooks Online, please check out this article: Invite a contractor to add their own 1099 tax info.  

5. My bill payments are not showing up in 1099 Transitions. How can I fix this?

Let me help you out!
You can start by pulling up 1099 reports which allows you to see the following information in QuickBooks Online:
  • Vendors you set up for 1099s.
  • Payments to those vendors that you need to report to the IRS.
  • Payments you don’t need to report because a financial institution reports them for you.


Then, you can start fixing your 1099 transactions by checking the expense account you used for the bill payments. You'll have to open the payments and make sure to map them to the right account. To do this, you can pull up the Transaction List by Vendor report from the Reports menu.
After that, map the payments to the boxes that represent the type of payments you made. Let's go pull up the 1099 report through the Prepare 1099s option. Here's how.
  1. Go to the Expenses menu.
  2. Select Vendors.
  3. Click Prepare 1099s.
  4. Choose Let’s Get Started or Continue your 1099s.
  5. Follow the steps to prepare 1099s. The report you’re looking for is on Step 4: Review - Check that the payments add up.


After that, you can also run the 1099 transaction report again from the Reports menu. This is to check that the payments are recorded accordingly.
I'm also adding this article to learn more about what to do if you need help when creating your 1099s in QBO: 1099 Summary Reports. It also includes related topics to effectively monitor vendor transactions.
That’s all we have for today! I hope you got some new helpful information out of these questions and feel more confident when it comes to managing your 1099s. If you have any other questions, please let us know here in the community and we’re happy to help get those taken care of.
We’ll be back with more!

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