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Why “QuickBooks Solopreneur” may be right for you

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Hi Community! If you haven’t heard, our new product “QuickBooks Solopreneur” has launched and is designed exclusively for your one-person businesses with your specific needs and capabilities in mind. Today our talented product manager, and this month’s AMA360 guest, Connie, is sharing her top 3 favorite aspects of Solopreneur and ways that it can be super useful to your business. 


If you want to learn even more about Solopreneur or have any questions, Connie will be available to answer them on May 24th at 10am PST for the AMA360 here in the Community and on Facebook!
You can find the link to the thread on our Events page under Webinars the day of here:

Let’s get started!

1. You can connect your business and personal bank accounts, and we’ll do the work of automatically categorizing as business or personal


If you don’t currently keep your business and personal bank accounts separate, I would highly recommend doing so. You can learn more about this during our SmallBizSmall Talk episode here:

This is super helpful for staying organized and making sure your business stays on track with less work on your end. Not only will it help you maximize tax deductions, but you can really stay focused on the big picture with this feature. 


  1. Send professional invoices and estimates, with links that customers can use to pay online


This creates a super streamlined process for yourself and the customer. You can also create customized estimates with your logo and convert them to invoices with ease. Plus, send the invoices via any device! With the easy links for customers to pay online, it makes it easy to track the invoice status and send payment reminders.

3. See estimated quarterly taxes and income tax deductions so you’re prepared for tax time


With Solopreneur, you get embedded tax filing which makes the process much easier and less intimidating. And when it comes to preparing your tax year return, you’ll get unlimited expert help to get every credit you deserve. 

And there you have it, 3 ways QuickBooks Solopreneur can be useful for your business. I hope this has helped you understand the benefits of Solopreneur and how it can better serve you and your business. If you’re starting to wonder if Solopreneur is the best product for your needs, don’t forget to stop by our AMA360 where Connie will be available to answer all your questions.  

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