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12 Inspiring and Information-Packed Articles from September (In Case You Missed Them!)

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In September we got inside your head! We explored how entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelance workers approach all things business, from creatively solving problems and staying motivated 24/7 to turning an epiphany into action and an idea into a product. Read on -- and be prepared to be impressed.


Researching the Brain of an Entrepreneur

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Driven, Creative, Logical, Fierce!

Our fearless leader, @LeslieBarber, kicked off the month by writing about her own entrepreneurial mindset. She reminds us, “You know better than anyone that being your own boss is an exciting, exhausting and rewarding journey.”

6 Key Findings From Intuit’s Work/Life Balance Survey of Self-Employed Workers (With Graphs!)

Intuit conducted a survey of 1,000 self-employed people on the topic of work/life balance to find out if the benefits of entrepreneurship outweigh the drawbacks, and uncovered some surprising trends.

You Said It: What QB Community Members Have to Say

12 Successful Business Owners on How Much Mindset Matters

What does having the right “mindset” truly mean for entrepreneurs and what does it actually look like in the real world? Twelve entrepreneurs tell us about the mindset that keeps them motivated and helps them muscle through the ups and downs of being self-employed.

Epiphanies R Us! The Ah-Ha Moment Behind 8 Amazing Businesses

From morning sickness to chemotherapy, here are just a few tales from QB Community members about the epiphanies, ah-ha moments and lightning bolts of inspiration that inspired them to start their businesses.

Important Questions 14 Small Biz Owners Have for Other Small Biz Owners

There is no better resource for a business owner than another business owner. These are some of the questions your peers are asking about running and growing their businesses. Do you have answers to any of these questions? Please share what you know!

How 4 Entrepreneurs Started Their Own Accounting Businesses

We asked four numbers-minded entrepreneurs in the QB Community how and why they started up their own accounting and consulting firms. Here’s what they told us.

Know Thyself: What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

8 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs: Which Ones Do You Value the Most?

Which of these typical entrepreneurial qualities do you think help you the most when it comes to starting, running and growing a business?

8 Entrepreneurial Personality Types: Which One Are You?

The Opportunity Grabber, The Do It My Way-er, The Legacy Carrier, The Creative Maker, The Accidental Entrepreneur, The Fresh Starter, The Parent-Innovator, or The Partner(s)?

3 Amazing Entrepreneurs Told Us How They Think

PROFILE: Erica Liu Williams’ Gr8nola Is “Clean,” Crunchy and Craved by Techies

Just a few months after selling her first batch of gr8nola at a local farmer’s market, Erica was selected to be a food vendor supplying gr8nola to Google’s campuses and micro-kitchens.

PROFILE: Photographer Meta Mesdag Fulfills Her Dream of Building a Family Oyster Farm

Meta decided earlier this year to start a “mariculture” business -- an ocean farm where she, her husband and kids will grow (and then sell) oysters, clams, mussels and kelp. Did she know anything about mariculture when she dreamt up the idea? No. Did that stop her from starting it up? Absolutely not.

PROFILE: Two Friends on Two Continents Built a Business, Zuri, from Just One Dress

Inspired by the bold and beautiful textile prints in eastern Africa, Ashleigh & Sandra set out to sell a single style of dress in an array of ever-changing patterns made at a sustainable, carbon-neutral factory in Kenya. They talk about how they got started in business with no budget, how they adjust their mindset when things get tough and what it takes to partner across two continents.

A New Audio Series Launched!

LISTEN: QB Community Conversations with Julie Gordon White and Romy Taormina: On Female Entrepreneur...

In this new ongoing audio series, Community Conversations, Leslie Barber sits down with small business owners to discuss what’s great and what’s tough about working for yourself. You’ll hear loads of ideas, insights and inspiration. We invite you to sit back, listen and learn!


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