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4 Best Practices to Boost Your Cyber Security

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). We all know protecting our business data and systems needs to be a year-round priority, especially given the unsettling reality that security incidents and data breaches are on the rise globally. You may not be able to fend off technically savvy and extremely determined hackers, but you can certainly take small but meaningful steps to batten down all your cyber security hatches.

Here are four best practices for protecting your data brought to you by the crack security team at Intuit.

  • Lock it when you leave it. Prevent unwanted (and unwarranted) data exposure by locking your computer or mobile phone any time you leave it unattended
  • Be alert – and suspicious. Fraudsters are more sophisticated than ever. Be extremely wary about anyone who is trying to convince you to give up potentially compromising information. When in doubt, don’t do it.
  • Stay secure when you work remotely. Don’t get lax when you’re out in the field or working from your local coffee shop. Keep hackers and bad actors from accessing your precious information by protecting it no matter where you are.
  • Remind your team (and fellow entrepreneurs) to be vigilant about cyber security. When we all work together to adopt best practices, we can boost our collective approach to security and stay safer in the long run. 



QB Community members, has your data ever been hacked? If so, what happened? What are your best practices for protecting your business information?

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