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5 Tips to Keep Your Business on Track (and Your Head on Straight) During the Holiday Crush

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During the crazy holiday season, it’s easy to prioritize your business over well, everything. We’re here to remind you that losing sleep, eating poorly, staying Superglued to a screen or otherwise connected to your work 24/7 is not in your best interest. Remember, when your mental, physical and emotional health suffers, so, too, does your business. To keep every aspect of your life humming, here are some tips and strategies from folks in the QB Community to help you and your business not just survive, but thrive, during the holiday crush.

Resist the Red Dot Syndrome

The dot in “Red Dot Syndrome” refers to the notification icon alerting us that someone or something needs our attention. QB Community member and licensed therapist Nani Waddoups (@PDXGardinista) points out our addiction to instantly responding to anything and everything is disruptive, to say the least. To combat Red Dot Syndrome, Nani believes we all need to create (and protect) uninterruptible time to be tech-free or otherwise “off the grid” every single day. Nani explains, “In order to give the Self what it wants and needs, first we have to tune in to that  Self – which requires tuning out a whole lot of other noisy, distracting stuff.”

Disconnect (when you can) from social media

When professional calligrapher Elisabeth Young was feeling anxious and depressed about running her own business, she realized social media was making her feel even worse. She decided it was time for a digital detox. Granted, Elisabeth didn’t make the shift during the holiday season, but her decision to get off the social media grid gave her year-round insights.

“I spent a lot of time away from Instagram, away from Facebook and away from all these social media avenues because I needed to focus on myself and stay in my lane … The problem [with social media] is when you start getting that longing in your heart like, ‘I wish I had thought of this’ or ‘Oh, I wish I had done that.’ That's when things can become really damaging emotionally. Staying in your lane is kind of like putting on your blinders, pursuing your goals and tuning out the noise.”

Something else that helped Elisabeth get back on track? Forgoing “likes” and “Friends” and connecting instead with genuine friends and supporters.

Practice gratitude

Business coach and Momentum to $1 Million group leader Julie Gordon White (@JulieatTheWELL) stays focused, productive and positive by kickstarting each day with a simple yet powerful morning ritual. Her G.I.V.E routine is an intentional daily “scan” for gratitude, intention, visualization and engagement. “All you need,” says coach Julie, “is a few focused minutes at the start of your day -- maybe you’re lying in bed, in the shower or out walking the dog – and the desire to get every morning off to a fantastic start.”

Click here to read more about Julie’s GI.V.E routine and watch a video where she explains her technique in detail.

Share what’s on your mind

Speaking of M2$1M, one conversation in the group particularly highlighted the importance of acknowledging what you’re feeling with others who understand what you’re going through. QB Community host Emily Cowan (@EmilyCowan) put it this way:

“It sounds cliché, but, for me, it really does help to talk to someone who knows firsthand what I'm going through. A good friend will listen no matter what, but a peer or mentor may be able to offer insight that can push me past or through whatever it is that's holding me back. Actually sucking it up and seeking out that person for guidance ... well, that's something else entirely. I often have a hard time admitting that I could use the help.”

Another member, @Pen, shared this strategy for staying on top of the stressors of being an entrepreneur: 

“I write. A lot. If I feel down in the dumps, I write fiction. Storytelling always cheers me up. If I feel like I need to learn something new, I learn as much as I can about the subject and then I write about it so it sticks. If I feel happy. I write so I can share it. Sometimes, I am lucky enough that people will pay me for what I write. Sometimes not. But either way, I almost always comes up with some kind of new idea because writing gets my creative juices flowing.”

Stretch, meditate, breathe

Yoga and meditation coach Diana Estey practices what she preaches (and teaches) to help keep her head on straight and her business on track.

“These days, everyone knows about yoga and mindfulness, and everyone is hungry for it. People want connection, centering and stress relief because they are inundated with input all the time. Now they’re looking for ways to reconnect, to get a hold of themselves. I’d say this shift has been noticeable in the last ten years or so, and in the last five years, there’s been a surge of interest. For my part, I’m doing more and more meditation and mindfulness work … My work and my practice keep me going. When I learn a new yoga technique, focus on meditation or get outside to move my body in the fresh air, I’m re-energized and re-inspired. It’s really about doing for myself exactly what I teach.”

Like all of the insights shared in the post, Diana’s tips are timeless – but they might benefit you more than ever during the hectic holiday season.



 QB Community members, what’s your go-to strategy for de-stressing? We’d love to know.

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