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Do Entrepreneurs Think Differently Than 9-5ers? You Say, Yes!

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We hear all the time in this community about the mindset that helps entrepreneurs succeed in business. One thing is clear: Working for yourself means thinking differently about every aspect of, well, “work” – what it means to you (everything), when you do it (always), when you put it aside (rarely). Below are some of the insights you’ve shared. Do you recognize yourself in any of these hard-working entrepreneurs? Of course, you do!

“People who work traditional jobs go home when the workday is over. They can take vacations and have weekends off. Entrepreneurs have to work whenever it’s necessary, which might mean no regular days off for four years or longer. As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to get things don e– not half done and not when someone else is ready to do it for you. You have to be willing to do what it takes to get it done.” – Sandee Ferman, founder of No Tox Life

“I work all the time now, even when I watch a movie or walk my dog or go grocery shopping. Because I am in the personal-care industry, I even work when I take a shower in the morning. This might sound horrible, but, for me, it’s fun. I like absorbing the environment and noticing what is going on in the world and coming up with creative ideas. I have come up with product- and marketing ideas while driving, eating, listening to podcasts. When I’m away from work, I still think of new ideas.” Callie Milford (Sandee’s daughter!), creative director for No Tox Life 

“I think my formidable tenacity is what kept me from throwing in the towel when most people would have given up during these very difficult start-up months. What drives me and keeps me focused is the desire to create a business for my family. I’m providing my kids with the opportunity to grow up in Alaska, with all of us working together to provide sustainably grown seafood for our community.” Meta Mesdag, owner of Salty Lady Seafood Co.

“Each of us takes great pride in saying we are business owners. We frequently revisit that statistics that only about half of all businesses survive the first five years and that only a small fraction of women-owned businesses make it to the ten-year mark. Knowing we have built a successful business against such odds keeps us going and propels us to pursue even bigger goals, year over year.” Erica Taylor Haskins, co-founder of Tinsel

“As entrepreneurs, we are probably slightly crazy to go out there, build something on our own and be so obsessive that we focus all of our time and energy on it!” Alexis Monson (@lexmons) founder of Punkpost

“[Entrepreneurs] don't want to have their hand held and be guided through to the next opportunity. And as independent as most people are, they are independently minded along a set path. Business owners create their own path.” -- Adam Fenner (@Adam_Fenner), founder of Wilson Lake Accounting

“[When I had to suddenly ramp up my gr8nola production] I figured out how to make it happen because I had no choice. It was an important lesson for me as an entrepreneur. When an opportunity presents itself, you’ll always find a way to make it work!” Erica Liu Williams (@gr8nola), founder of gr8nola

“My mindset as a business owner is one of taking full responsibility for my day, and every day in the future, too. I was already a workaholic as an employee, but I was working hard for other business owners to be a success. In fact, I was often working much harder than the managers or owners above me which made no sense. Now, when I work hard, my clients benefit and I benefit in return because they give good referrals. I am in control of my own destiny. I work when I want, where I want and with clients that I choose.” – Teri Wilt (@teri), founder of GovCon Accounting


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