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Epiphanies R Us! The Ah-Ha Moment Behind 8 Amazing Businesses

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Sometimes we think we should rename QB Community “Epiphanies R Us!” As countless community members have told us, you just never know when an idea will pop into your head and BOOM! A seed of an idea grows and blossoms into a successful business. Of course, that flash of inspiration is just the first tiny step on any entrepreneurial journey – but without it, you might not be taking a journey at all.

Here are just a few tales from QB Community about epiphanies, ah-ha moments and lightning bolts of inspiration. After you read them, please share yours!

    • Romy Taormina, founder of Psi Solutions, suffered such terrible morning sickness during her pregnancies she created fashion-forward Psi Bands for nausea relief.
    • Heidi Withers, co-founder of Heidi’s Salsa, won a salsa-making contest using her family recipe!
    • Sandee Ferman, founder of No Tox Life, never forgot the angry welts that appeared on her skin as a child when she tried a new lotion.

  • Sharon Coleman, founder of Lemon and Honey Gifts, endured chemotherapy twice. Then she decided to create carefully curated gift boxes to help others get through the grueling treatment.
  • Muriel Bartol, co-founder of SWRVE outdoor apparel, designed a pair of functional, stylish, durable “knickers” for her husband (and co-founder) to bike to work in.
  • Grace Kraaijvanger, founder of the Hivery, couldn’t find a co-working space she felt comfortable in, so she created one she loved. 
  • For Jennie Nigrosh, founder of the Green Garmento, an epiphany struck as she stood naked in her bedroom closet amidst a pile of plastic, non-recyclable dry-cleaning bags.
  • And our very own QB Community leader, Leslie Barber, founded NutraBella after listening to her pregnant friends complain about having to choke down “horse pills” during pregnancy. So she invented easy-to-eat Bellybars packed with prenatal vitamins and minerals!

Click here to read about more “ah-ha” moments from small business owners in this community. And don’t forget to post below about your business epiphany!


QB Community members, once you had an idea, what was the next step you took to help you turn it into a product or a business?

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This is a great list!


I also love balloon artist Veronica Champion's retelling of how a friend got her a bottle of champagne as a pick-me-up, and it came with a helium balloon attached. It was the joy she received from that single balloon that inspired her to pursue a career making others happy with her own balloon designs.

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