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Fitness Trainer Tyra Lovato Trusted Her Gut to Create a Business She Loves

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Name: Tyra Lovato
Business: Trainer Tyra and class leader at Joyn
Location: Portland, OR
Launched: 2013

Some of Tyra Lovato’s clients know her as trusted, reliable, number-crunching accountant. Others know the New Orleans-native as the rockin’, shakin’ leader of dance classes like My People’s Cardio and the always-smiling Restorative Pilates instructor. No matter which “hat” Tyra is wearing, her desire to help people do better and live life to the fullest fuels her entrepreneurial drive. Motivated by a personal commitment to bring out the best in everyone she meets, Tyra is a certified fitness and nutrition coach who has built her business around an inclusive, holistic approach to wellness that’s energizing, inspiring – and incredibly fun.

Tyra, tell us about your journey so far as an entrepreneur.

The first couple of years were the most challenging for me because I didn’t know where to focus my energy. It took some time for me to realize my niche. As a teacher, my goal is to invite everyone to enjoy good health and to make everyone feel welcome. I want every class or session feel like a party!

Once I figured those things out, things really took off. It has been an awesome ride to go from being in the back of an exercise class to being a presenter at a fitness conference.

What have you found most challenging about starting your own business?

Even though I’m an accountant, money management has been challenging. Yes, you have to spend money to make money. But I’ve learned you do not have to spend all your money!22-Tyra Lovato .png

What keeps you going on a tough day?

It’s amazing knowing that someone considers me the best part of their day or week. That’s what keeps me going on a tough day.

What do you love about working in the outdoor/fitness industry?

I love witnessing when a client or student sees their own strength. They light up and get so excited. I’m also seeing a shift in the industry toward inclusivity. It is about time!

What do you find particularly satisfying about running your own business?

I find it satisfying that I can use my training and skills to give back to my community. I can offer a sliding-scale payment schedule and donate my time to help the underserved. When you work for someone else, you don’t have that kind of flexibility. 

Tyra, what do you know now that you wish you known when you were starting out in business?

I wish I known back then that it was okay not to have a totally clear direction about where I was going with my business. Now I know it’s okay to trust the process and the journey. My clarity came organically, simply by doing what I love.

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