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From Unemployed in Idaho to Entrepreneur in Texas: Meet Glen Paramenter and His Majestic Expression

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When Glen Paramenter lost his job in Idaho, things seemed pretty bleak. But after relocating to Texas, he started working for a company that printed graphics on apparel for colleges and corporations. It wasn’t long before Glen had a business epiphany: I could do this myself! One Etsy store and a few domain names later (ruggedtents and mrhoneypot, to name a few), Glen was on his way to running Majestic Expressions, his eclectic company featuring printed clothing, outdoor and sporting goods, plus a line of natural honey-based products.



Name: Glen Paramenter

Business Name: Majestic Expressions

Founded: 2016



 What has been the biggest challenge of starting your own business?chat_image-2.jpg

I didn’t have a balance when I first started, and it was pretty difficult. I tried to do everything and anything, with no real sense of direction. I’d be working on my business at the same time as I was trying to spend time with my family. Eventually I had to dial back and really focus on setting my priorities. Now I do my work during the day, and when I’m with my family, I shut it down. One thing that’s been really helpful: I have two mentors who have both given me valuable advice from the very beginning.



What is your most effective way to get new customers?

I mainly market to consumers through social media, as well as through friends and family. I’m trying to do more networking. I bought business cards to help grow my brand in the market.


How do you approach customer service?

I’m still working on that, especially when it comes to ecommerce. Since I drop-ship directly, I think it would be nice to test customer service ideas like following-up on orders, being able to track orders and sending thank you notes. I’ve thought about including coupon codes, too.


chat_image-5.jpg What’s a challenge you’ve faced around branding your business?

I want my customers to know they’re going to be taken care of after their product ships. Majestic Expressions is more than just an ecommerce site for placing and receiving orders for printed apparel or locally grown honey. It’s a business where people can ask questions and get tips and advice for outdoor living.


Is your blog designed to help you achieve that goal?

Yes. I want to provide customers with more information and resources about outdoor living. The blog lets me share my experiences and get input from customers and readers, too. I’m starting with free tips and information for my newsletter subscribers, and I plan to build it out from there.



How important is it for you to connect with other small business owners, for support, insight or inspiration?

It’s really important. By connecting with other small business owners, I’ve found a sense of community with people who are facing many of the same issues. Whether we’re struggling or succeeding, we can bounce ideas off of each other. I’ve learned that what sounds good to me may not sound so good to the rest of the world!


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Thanks for sharing your story @glenparmenter! I hope you will share your blog with us once it's up and running. :smileyhappy:

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