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Happy World Gratitude Day! Here's What the QB Community Team Is Grateful For

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Today, people all around the globe will pause to reflect on what they’re grateful for. Here in QB Community, gratitude is a theme that comes up time and again. We know entrepreneurs and self-employed people feel grateful to be able to work for themselves, even when it means working well, differently than most 9-5ers. (You can read more about how entrepreneurs think about things like work/life balance and making personal sacrifices for the sake of their business in this post).

What are you grateful for? We hope you’ll tell us all about it in the comments below. In the meantime, we’ll kick things off by telling you what we on this QB Community team are thinking about on World Gratitude Day. Spoiler alert: We’re all pretty darn delighted to be working with entrepreneurs like you! 

Leslie Barber, our QB Community leader, says, “I am so grateful to wake up every day with the goal of doing anything I can to make life a bit easier for the hardest working people I know -- small business owners. What’s not to love about people who work for themselves? They are determined, resilient, resourceful, creative and innovative. I feel so lucky to be able to learn from and be inspired by the entrepreneurs in this community. I’m here to back them any way I can!

Emily Cowan, our QB Community business host, tells us, “I’m grateful for all of the small business owners and self-employed folks I meet in QB Community because I get to learn something new every single day. There are as many kinds of business, products and services as there are people to think them up. I find it gratifying and inspiring to see how our members work individually and together to handle everything that comes their way. Entrepreneurs are problem-solving ninjas!

Julie Gordon White, our QB Community Momentum to $1 Million group host, shares this: "I am grateful every day to be able to help women build the businesses of their dreams while building mine, too! Having (and teaching others to have) a business model that creates maximum time and financial freedom gives me a level of ease and joy I could not have imagined a few years ago. Even when things aren't going my way, feeling a sense of gratitude helps me stay positive and keep going. I believe gratitude is a magic elixir that’s available to us at all times. We just have to remember to access it and then watch the magic unfold!"

James Ong, our QB Community product host, says, “Being around creative people gives me energy. It encourages me to think bigger and stretch the boundaries of what I believe is possible. Entrepreneurs are particularly inspiring. Their passion for their craft and their grit to persevere in the face of challenge is infectious.”

Shana Niederman, our QB Community manager, explains, “Working with people who make stuff happen is the best feeling in the world. I’m so grateful I get to do it! People who work for themselves prioritize getting stuff done above all else. Let’s make some stuff happen, y’all!

Willow Older, our QB Community content leader, says, “Every evening when I sit down with my family for dinner, I have yet another story to share about a rock-star entrepreneur I’ve talked with or learned about that day. I feel incredibly lucky. Not only do I get to enjoy the flexibility of working for myself, I also spend my days being deeply inspired by the countless people who embrace the challenge of being self-employed.”

Sarah Gonzales, our QB Community content creator, tells us, “I am so grateful to have a job doing what I love – writing about new topics every day – and to be able to do it on a schedule that I determine for myself. The flexibility of being an independent worker lets me take time for my kids during the day, schedule medical appointments freely and log my hours when I have stretches of uninterrupted time. As a writer for QuickBooks Community, interviewing entrepreneurs in so many different fields is not only fun, it’s incredibly inspiring!

Jen Roop, our QB Community marketing manager, shares this: “I live in a town with lots of small, locally owned businesses. My life is so much richer thanks to our coffee shop owner who brings in a jazz band every Saturday morning and the owner of the Catmosphere Café where people can play with and adopt cats. Even the local drugstore has been locally owned for many years. These businesses and many more create a real sense of history, connection and community. I’m proud to live where I do!”


QB Community members, tell us what you’re most grateful for as an entrepreneur. We can’t wait to hear!

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