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It’s National Get Organized Week!

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Yep, National Get Organized Week really is a thing. If you’re feeling scattered, distracted or just tired of frantically juggling a million different tasks, maybe this is the perfect week to up your organizational game. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, this post has a roundup of some of the organizational apps and strategies members of this community rely on. Looking for some low-tech options for better time-management? You’ll find those right here.

In the meantime, here are some organizational tips to ponder (and, perhaps, deploy) right now:

“Even though I try to devote entire days to single projects, it doesn’t always happen like that. There’s always something pressing that needs to be done. When I’ve got a lot going on, I get organized by writing down the top three things I need to get done that day and I try not to get distracted. I’m not the most organized person, but creative people are supposed to be messily organized, right?! Having deadlines and small targets keep me in line.” – Ariane Scholl, founder of Hearth and Hammer

“I remember the first two weeks of working for myself. I was sitting at home at my desk, and I realized I didn't have anybody telling me what I should be doing … I had to make work for myself, and that meant making to-do lists. I had to know every single day what my priorities were and what I needed to accomplish to consider it a successful day. The lists help me keep myself on track towards my goals and to meet my deadlines on time for my clients.” – Elisabeth Young, founder of ElisaAnne Calligraphy

“I use Workflowy, and it works on all of my devices. In the beginning of the year, I don't know what I would do without it. If I wake up at 3am thinking about work, I grab my phone and talk-to-text the things on my mind. I go back to bed and fall asleep. It has been my go-to when I think of something when I am in my car, too.  It is just a simple to do list.” – Lynda Artesani, founder of Artesani Bookkeeping 

Also worth considering? Therapist Nani Waddoups says it’s super important to clear your head in order to run your business better. “I advise clients to take very seriously the need for uninterruptible time: tech-free hours, off the grid days, whatever you want to call them. I think this is the single most important piece of self-care to incorporate into our daily – not weekly -- life. We need to care for the Self, and we can only do that if we spend time with the Self to see what she needs, what she wants, what she’s dreaming about. This is true Self-care."


QB Community members, tell us your favorite tips and tricks for staying organized!

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