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LISTEN: QB Community Conversations with Adam Wegener and Romy Taormina: On Fundraising, Scaling and Learning by Listening

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Welcome to Community Conversations! In this ongoing series, host Leslie Barber sits down with small business owners to talk about what’s great and what’s tough about working for yourself. You’ll hear loads of ideas, insights and inspiration. We invite you to sit back, listen and learn!

Here’s what you’ll find in this episode of Community Conversations ...



Adam Wegener, founder of Trash Amps, built a business around the portable Mason-jar amps he started making back in college. Adam talks about getting Trash Amps off the ground thanks to financial investments from friends and family. He recalls spending long nights in his mom’s garage building one amp at a time – an experience that shaped the way he scales his business today.




Romy Taormina is CEO of Psi Health Solutions, Inc. who turned drab wristbands into fashionable accessories that help relieve nausea. Romy admits she didn’t set out to revolutionize the industry, but telling the story of her brand in a deeply authentic way helped her company grow and thrive. Also helpful? Whenever she gets feedback on her product, Romy says, she listens very carefully.


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QB Community members, what was your funding strategy for launching your business? And how has customer feedback along the way helped you change or improve your product or service?


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