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Meet the 16 Featured Vendor-Entrepreneurs Who Will Be at QB Connect in San Jose Nov 5-7

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You probably know that QuickBooks Connect is an exciting, inspiring conference packed with entrepreneurs eager to learn about growing a successful business. And you know what makes QB Connect even better? All the amazing shopping opportunities that let you support small businesses -- and cross some items off you holiday gift list!


QuickBooks Connect 2018 in San Jose, CA (November 5-7) will play host to some superstar entrepreneurs at the Connect Bazaar. Stop by their booths and support your fellow small-business owners who will be selling their goods during the conference. Each of these smart, motivated entrepreneurs has a fascinating small business story to share. See for yourself in the profiles below.


02 Flutter Eyewear.jpg

Patti Lee-Hoffmann of Flutter Eyewear

As Patti approached the age of 50, she and her professional women friends wanted a more stylish version of the typical drugstore reading glasses. As co-founder of a 600+ employee consulting firm, Patti has plenty of experience setting a goal and achieving it, so she got to work creating the “Manolo Blahniks” of magnifying spectacles.


PROFILE: Patti Lee-Hoffmann's Flutter Eyewear Keeps an Eye on Stylish Women



03 Ohana Board Shop.png


Arun & Anne-Michelle Frances of Ohana Board Shop

Arun and Anne-Michelle opened their first skate and surf board shop in busy, bustling Silicon Valley. Why here? Because Ohana Board Shop’s target market is overworked 9-to-5ers in the heart of the Valley who need to get out and play!


PROFILE: It’s Family & Fun First at Arun & Anne-Michelle Frances’ Ohana Board Shop




04 Papercraft Miracles.jpg

Janna WIlloughby-Lohr of Papercraft Miracles

Janna says she was born to become an entrepreneur. She came up with her business idea for Papercraft Miracles while in college, and, in 2013, she launched her career as a full-time business owner.


PROFILE: Janna Willoughby-Lohr’s Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Paper Can Make Someone’s Day



05 Bliss _ Bale.jpg

Andrea Cwik of Bliss & Bale gift boxes

Former corporate 9-to-5er Andrea had a big idea: What if she made gift boxes filled with things people actually wanted? Like fresh, local food items, beautiful artisan-made goods and even fancy tequila? ¡Sí, por favor!


PROFILE: Andrea Cwik Creates Curated Gift Boxes to Help Businesses “Gift Better”



06 kichekostudio.jpg

Sarah Bayot of Kicheko Goods

Sarah’s parallel goals of philanthropy and entrepreneurship came together in the form of Kicheko Goods. Today, she designs and sells original jewelry and turns each sale into a tremendous gift: Every purchase funds a scholarship for one month of education at a school in Eastern Congo.


PROFILE: Kicheko Goods Sells Beautiful Jewelry to Help Educate Congolese Kids



07 Sven Ceramics.jpg

Mallie Testerman & Stephen “Sven” Jobe of Sven Ceramics

Sven and Maggie sell their elegant, sturdy wares to cafes, restaurants and to private customers. However, they still make time to run an all-volunteer non-profit group that once a week distributes surplus food from local businesses to families facing hunger in San Francisco


PROFILE: Mallie & Sven Do It All to Make and Sell Beautiful, Functional Sven Ceramics



08 Wooly Leather.png

Jeff Heil & Jake Fromer of WOOLLY Leather Goods

Jeff and Jake are dedicated to creating high-quality, minimalist wallets and accessories by blending modern manufacturing and traditional craft techniques, all with a “do-more-with-less” philosophy their Millennial customers love.


PROFILE: Jeff Heil Combines Quality, Craft and Innovation to Make WOOLLY Leather Goods


 09 Passion Fit.jpg


Reena Vokoun of Passion Fit

Reena credits her Indian-American upbringing, her family life and her experiences both as a student and an employee as major influencers in her unique approach to Passion Fit -- educating others and helping them become healthier, more balanced individuals.


PROFILE: Reena Vokoun’s Passion Fit Helps Busy Clients Find Healthy Work-Life Balance


10 Caramel Caravan.jpg

Courtney Robinson & Celia Glowka of Caramel Caravan

Celia and Courtney met at the Santa Clara University Food and Agriculture Institute while completing their MBA degree. For a graduation gift, they each received a Kitchen Aid mixer from their mom, and they took it as a sign they were meant to whip up delicious sweets in tandem.


PROFILE: Courtney & Celia Stick With What They Do Best -- Making Delicious Caramels



11 Wildebeest.jpg

Jane Lee of Wildebeest

When Jane adopted her “little mutt” from the San Francisco SPCA in 2010 she was inspired to create hipper, more chic dog accessories than the ones she was currently seeing on the market.


PROFILE: Jane Lee’s Passion for Function, Style and “Beests” Inspired Wildebeest Dog Accessories


 12 No Tox Life.png

Sandee Ferman and Callie Milford of No Tox Life

Sandee Ferman has been committed to “clean” living for most of her life. No wonder she launched No Tox Life and developed a line of all-natural, handmade, toxin-free vegan body care products. It’s a women-owned business that’s also a family business -- the creative director is Sandee’s daughter, Callie.


PROFILE: Meet a Mom-and-Daughter Team Making All-Natural Products for a “No Tox Life”



13 EST WST Bags.jpg

Arya Cayton of EST/WST bags

EST/WST backpacks, bags and accessories combine an urban functionality with eco-friendly, sustainable materials that are handmade by women who weave according to centuries-old traditions in rural India and Nepal.


PROFILE: Arya Cayton’s Sibling-Run Bag Business Supports Communities in Rural South Asia



14 Big Kiss Little Kiss.png

Gabrielle Lutze of Big Kiss Little Kiss

BKLK clothing is ethically made in the United States by garment workers who earn a fair, living wage and use recycled or “deadstock” fabric and materials. Gabrielle embraces the adage, “Make good. Feel good.”


PROFILE: Big Kiss Little Kiss Kids’ Clothing Is Stylish, Practical and Ethically Made



15 Utopian Kitchen.jpg

Chris Viscount of Utopian Kitchen

Chris is one of those “accidental entrepreneurs” whose too-good-to-keep-to-himself hobby became a business. He was experimenting with various flavors of nut butters and trying them out on his friends. Their enthusiastic response encouraged him to start selling to the public.


PROFILE: Too Good Not to Share, Utopian Kitchen Spreads the Peanut Butter Love


 16 Gr8nola.jpg

Erica Liu Williams of Gr8nola

Just a few months after selling her first batch of gr8nola at a local farmer’s market, Erica was selected to be a food vendor supplying gr8nola to Google’s campuses and micro-kitchens. The rest is “clean,” crunchy and delicious history!


PROFILE: Erica Liu Williams’ Gr8nola Is “Clean,” Crunchy and Craved by Techies


 17 Punkpost.jpg

Alexis Monson and Santiago Prieto of Punkpost

Alexis, Santiago and the creative team at Punkpost spend their time carefully creating original cards made by dedicated artists and handwriters who all value “slow,” meaningful communication in an age of instant, automated messaging. And, yes, there’s a Punkpost app for that!


PROFILE: Punkpost Lets You Send Handwritten Cards Without Visiting the Post Office



We hope you’ll join us at QB Connect 2018 in San Jose. Already registered? Hop on over to our QB Connect group to get a head-start on connecting, sharing and learning!

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