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"Passion is prosperity. Work that passion so that you can become prosperous!"

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Passion is prosperity. Work that passion so that you can become prosperous!

-- QB Community member QcFinancial


Do you work *your* passion? How do you define prosperity?

Share your thoughts -- we want to know!

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This is awesome! 


I work my passion. In order to really do something well, there must be a strong interest or desire in that subject. I found early on in my life that I was really good at researching, providing information, and encouraging others. However, I did not know what that looked like in business form. I stumbled upon business ownership. 


Fortunately, now that I am here - a business owner, I am pulled deeper and more dedicated to my business. I am currently reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Foundation. The book illustrates how an idea can grow and manifest into the physical. My idea of becoming a realtor and becoming an enrolled agent grew into a desire then into manifestation. The idea became a desire that grew into my passion. This is profound to me because it provides the realization that anything I desire with applied knowledge and action can happen. There may be some bumps and bruises along the way but I am able to bear them because my desire -passion pulls me through.


Prosperity is good health, peace of mind, loving what you do, loving how you do it, enjoying those around you and living comfortably. 

@Anonymous I love your definition of prosperity! You really cover all the important stuff here, and you seamlessly blend prosperity in both personal and professional life. Bravo -- and thank you. I bet QB Community member @jmisunas might enjoy your thoughts on this as well :-)



Passion is the power that fuels us. Passion is vital to grind out the day to day of a long-term goal or project, especially in light of others that say it can not be done. You will fail as an entrepreneur if you have no passion.  

However, without vision, passion is the proverbial bull in the china shop. The nightmare of undirected or worse misdirected energy.


And without action, even a great vision and fantastic passion will end up as an unrealized daydream. I know so many passionate visionaries, who failed because they never got their vision on the ground …


You need all three to make it happen: vision - passion - action. Miss one and you are going to fail.

(I gave a TEDx talk on this called the "Art of Changning Minds" :)


And prosperity is not something I chase, so my definition of it is irrelevant.


My passion is much more along these lines: I want to change minds, create joy and make a real difference in people's lives and that often requires putting yourself or your health at risk, doing what others consider to be risky and unsettling. It means being willing to live in places where you can't enjoy your surroundings, because of the circumstances that others have to endure day in and day out. To top it all off, it often entails denying yourself creature comforts, at least for a time to fulfill your vision. 


That's where I experience the most joy and a kind of spiritual prosperity (if you want to call it that), but it's definitely not a physical one.


And I'm okay with that. 


@photosbydepuhl Well said, Pascal.



It'a an easy thing to say. 

It's much harder to live. 


But living this way is much more rewarding than pretty much anything else. 

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 If you are engaged in your passion you are not really working.

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I agree, @ktg! Have you managed to turn a personal passion into a business? Would love to hear about it!

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