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The 10 Most Read Posts From August: Branding, Marketing and Balloon Animals!

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How is summer already coming to an end? Like it or not, this weekend we say goodbye to August and hello to September. Before that happens, let’s revisit our top ten most popular articles this month when we focused on marketing and branding.

10. Why Balloon Artist Veronica Champion Believes In Marketing Basics - Veronica tells us what she loves most about being a balloon artist and what she finds most challenging – besides learning how to tie a balloon.

9. Julie Gordon White: 5 Hot Tips on Turning a Business Into a Brand Worth Big Bucks - Five tips for getting your brand-building off to a great start with smart tactical decisions about everything from what to name your business to how to market it on social media.

8. 5 Common Small Biz Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - We identify the top five marketing mistakes that brand new businesses commonly make so you can avoid them.

7. Startup Snag: My All-In-One Website/ Marketing Package Wasn’t a Deal – It Was a Disaster! - When Cheri Drake launched her company, she hired a network of freelancers for everything from her logo to her website to social marketing and learned that one-stop shopping can create more problems than it solves.

6. Branding for Beginners: 7 Tips to Attract Your Dream Client - We turned to a branding strategist for tips on how to know thyself, get your business seen and attract your dream clients.

5. The Hivery’s Grace Kraaijvanger on Facing Fear and Hanging with Marie Forleo - After identifying a gap in the shared-workspace market, Grace opened the Hivery nearly five years ago with 25 members. Today, more than 400 women create, explore and collaborate in the beautiful, light-filled, award-winning workspace.

4. Caron White’s Coastal Home Decor Business Swelled After She Took it 100% Online - We spoke with QB Community member @caronsbeach2 about how she attracts high-end customers, competes with big box stores and why there’s no going back after taking her business online.

3. 9 Tips for Upping Your Social Media Marketing Game - Thumbs up if you’d “like” to get more social media engagement! We share some hot tips for reaching your target market (and beyond!).

2. How to Start a Business: Resources for Everything You Need to Know - An ever-growing library with links to everything you need to know about starting, funding, marketing and running your own business.

1. Bad Rhino Co-Founders Rich and Marty Talk Small-Biz Marketing in the Age of Social Media - Pals Rich and Marty built a successful company helping other small businesses put their best marketing foot forward with savvy social media strategies.




QB Community members, what did you learn this month that will help you with your business?

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Level 7

These are all so great, @SarahGonzales. If I had to choose a favorite I think it would be the balloon artist. I hate the word "plucky" but that's exactly what she is!

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