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The Costly Mistake to Avoid When Running Facebook Ads with a Messenger Bot Comment Growth Tool

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Some companies have huge success running Facebook engagement ads from their Fanpage with a FB Messenger bot set to kick in when someone comments. When someone replies to the bot, they become a subscriber. 


If you have a lot of activity on a post, the cost per engagement (comment) can be as low as $0.10 (or lower if you’re not targeting the US market).

For some businesses, this is a great way to grow a list of subscribers which can be messaged on Messenger.

However, no one tells you that any user under 18 cannot be messaged or become a Messenger subscriber. When they comment, the bot doesn’t kick in.


Without knowing this fact, after I'd had success in another niche I tried running an campaign targeting teens 13-18. I did indeed get tons of comments (FB ran up a big bill) but with no results because none of those who commented received a reply from my bot.


How do you know if someone who commented received a message response from your bot? Beneath their comment it will say “See response”. While those who can’t be messaged due to their age have a grayed out “Message” button.


If the person is not a minor and can be contacted (but for some reason your bot failed to send them a response) the “Message” button would be a blue link which you could click.


FB ads messenger mistake.jpg


In this case, the only thing which I could do to try to reach those people who had commented, was to manually post a comment reply to each comment with the link I wanted to promote.
This was very ineffective since only 60% of those who I replied to actually checked out the link, compared to sometimes up to 90% who click on links in a Messenger bot. Plus, I didn’t have them as subscribers which meant I’d lost them.


So, just a word of warning since no one else mentioned it. If you’re running an ad campaign with your objective to grow a Messenger subscriber list, don’t target minors.

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That's so true!  You really need to avoid the pitfalls of social media bots.  I've been able to offset my costly mistakes by saving money from printing checks on blank check paper.


It really helps organize all of my accounts across multiple clients, banks, and industries.  You should try it out to get a leg up.  Let me know how it works for you.

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