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Tune-In Tuesday: Money, Money, Money!

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Welcome to the first installment of Tune-In Tuesday! As you know, our QuickBooks Community is a safe place to ask questions, share resources, celebrate accomplishments -- and have some fun along the way! To that end, we’ve created Tune In Tuesday, our weekly musical tribute to some aspect of your busy entrepreneurial life.

This week, we’re sharing songs in the key of accounting. We all know accounting is an integral part of running a small business. We invite you to kick back and tune in to some of our favorite songs about money, money, money!

Music can boost your mood and up your energy level, so crank the volume and get ready for a finger-snapping, toe-tapping, simply awesome day ahead.

“Money Money Money” - ABBA

“Money (That’s What I Want)” - The Beatles

“Easy Money” - Brad Paisley

“Money Changes Everything” - Cyndi Lauper

“Money For Nothing” - Dire Straits, Sting

“She Works Hard For The Money” - Donna Summer

“Money Honey” - The Drifters, Clyde McPhatter

“No Money” - Galantis

“Money Honey” - Lady Gaga

“Just Got Paid” - *NSYNC

“For The Love of Money” - The O'Jays

“Money” - Pink Floyd

“Love or Money” - Prince

“It's Money That Matters” - Randy Newman

“Money Talks” - Rick James

“The Big Money” - Rush

“Ka-Ching!” - Shania Twain

“Take The Money And Run” - Steve Miller Band

“If You’ve Got The Money” - Willie Nelson

"Opportunities" - Pet Shop Boys

"If I had a $1,000,000" - Barenaked Ladies

"Gimme Some Money" - Spinal Tap

"If I Were a Rich Man" - Fiddler on the Roof


Before you go

QB Community members, is music part of your daily work routine? Tell us about it!

Level 6

Music is *definitely* a part of my daily routine. I use it to reset and renew, to relax or get pumped. It's a need for me for sure. Thanks @AudreyPratt -- this is so perfect!

Level 6

Me too @ShanaNiederman! Music can get me up, bring me down, whatever moves me. I love this songs @AudreyPratt! Super fun. QB community members, what music gets you going? 

Level 7

My pleasure! I hope this playlist gets everyone through the week. :cathappy:

Level 2


Ok, it's Wednesday, but I would suggest adding:

Opportunities - Pet Shop Boys

If I had a $1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies

Gimme Some Money - Spinal Tap


Level 7

@BillJohnston YES! I will add to the playlist right now. Thanks for sharing! 

Level 5

Love that we can add to this awesome list. So many tunes, so little time ...!

Level 5

"If I Were a Rich Man" -- Fiddler on the Roof!

Level 6

Ya da da da da da da da da dum - If I were a wealthy man!

Level 7

@WillowOlder Ooh good one, I didn't even think about that one. Keep the songs coming! I am loving the collaboration. :smileyhappy:

Level 7

Who else is feelin' *NSYNC's "Just Got Paid" today?? Happy Friday, y'all! :smileywink:

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