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VIDEO: Hiring Employees -- Two Small Businesses Share Tips!

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Deciding who to hire as your first employee can be a tough decision. Don't go into it without hearing what some other small-business and self-employed folks have to say! Watch and learn from this pair of QuickBooks "Ways to Grow" videos!



Josh, the owner of LA’s The Last Bookstore, tells us how he discovers new employees in this episode of "Ways to Grow." It’s easier to find your first employee if you know where to look, says Josh. 




In this "Ways to Grow" episode, NOLA BOARDS owners Mandy and Daren share their insights on what qualities to look for when you’re ready to bring someone on.


 What can you share about hiring your first employee? QB Community members want to hear about it!

Leave your thoughts in the reply section below. 


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Level 5

2 great tips on where to find, and what criteria new employees need to meet. 


I really appreciate it. 

Level 7

It's pretty scary to think about trusting your "baby" - A.K.A. - business with someone else, but it helps to hear from other small businesses what they look for, what's been successful, etc. @Adam_Fenner, is your business in a place where it's looking to hire soon? What is most important to you in a potential employee? 

Level 5

@AudreyPratt, I would like to think it is within the next year I'll be hiring. There is a lot of fear, but I know that if I want to be scalable, I need to be willing to let the reins go a little bit. I will probably outsource through independent contractors, develop processes, and work the kinks out. Then I'll bring someone on full time. 


If I were to pick a top priority it would be cultural fit. There is a lot I can teach, but if they aren't a good fit for working with me and willingness to learn than I can't fix that. 

Level 7

That's super exciting! When the time comes, I look forward to learning from your experience, what works and what doesn't, when beginning the hiring process and building a team.

I would agree that cultural fit is so important! When I was needing extra hands in my business, (just one independent contractor), there were people in my life willing and able to help, but I just didn't feel right about it (red flags!). The winning candidate ended up being my best friend, and it's been one of the best decisions I've made so far! 

New Member

I am working on figuring out how to structure the LLC so I can hire. But first I want to understand some of the obligations such as corporate structure, partnership versus shareholders, and tax withholdings to calculate.  I have about 18 months of backlog on contracts, however, figuring out how to adjust cash flow to account for additional expenses. I have a couple candidates whom would be a good fit. Both of them I have worked with in the past on similar projects. 


Input on how to evaluate when you know you are ready to hire from a financial perspective would be greatly appreciated. 

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