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VIDEO: Julie Gordon White Shares Her G.I.V.E Morning Ritual

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Here in QB Community, we love learning from business coach Julie Gordon White. If you’ve spent any time with Julie, you’ll know one of her (many) superpowers is her ability to turn thoughts and ideas into actionable, step-by-step systems.

Today we’re sharing one of Julie’s favorite systems, which stemmed from her own desire to start every day feeling positive and productive. Problem was, like so many busy entrepreneurs, Julie could never quite get around to writing in a gratitude journal or doing the other things she thought defined an effective “morning ritual.”

So, in typical Julie fashion, she came up with her own system for setting up each day for success. She calls it the G.I.V.E Morning Ritual – and it’s as powerful as it is simple. All you need is a few focused minutes at the start of your day -- maybe you’re lying in bed, in the shower or out walking the dog – and the desire to get every morning off to a fantastic start.

Julie’s G.I.V.E Morning Ritual

Go through the acronym thoughtfully, letter by letter. You can say your responses out loud, write them down or simply think about them silently – whatever feels right to you.  

G is for Gratitude. Who and what are you grateful for? Friends, family, clients, pets, good health – we hope the list is long. Don’t limit yourself – keep going until you’re faking it!

I is for Intention. How do you want to show up for this day? Stating your intention helps you achieve it – it’s almost like knowing the outcome before it happens.

V is for Visualize. Once you articulate your goals – about anything from income to exercise to an upcoming vacation -- visualize the outcome you want. By the way, Julie aims to have five big goals at all times, and to keep track, she counts them on her fingers!

E is for Engage and Enroll. Who will you engage with today and talk to about your amazing business? Remember, it’s your job to tell people what you do and how you can help when they enroll in your awesome product or service.

Click to video below to hear Julie explain the G.I.V.E Morning Ritual in her own words.

Want to find out more about Julie’s proven systems for growing and scaling your business? Read this article, and then hop on over to the Momentum to $1 Million group (M2$1M) and kick your learning into high gear.

Now it’s your turn!

QB Community members, what’s your morning ritual – and what motivates you to stick with it?

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Community Champion

Love this!  :heart: 


I get up at 5am.  I set my watch, which vibrates me awake.  Meditate, Journal, coffee with hubby, walk 30 mins., yoga 30 mins.  These are the things that set my day.  Starting the day with gratitude is key!


Thank you Julie

Level 3

 I'm typically an early riser as well.  I use prayer and meditation to frame my day. Sometimes, however, I go right into mom mode and start taking care of what needs to be done around the house. My child is older now some I have to say to myself, "Hey, that's not your responsibility anymore." It takes practice for sure.



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