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VIDEO: Self-Employed Artist Mia Kaplan Shares Some of Her Small Business Journey

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Mia Kaplan is a painter and sculptor working near New Orleans, LA. In this “OWN IT. Every day.” series from QuickBooks, she opens up about her inspiring small business and self-employed story. Watch all five episodes to learn how Mia got her start as a teenager, how she’s made it through tough times, how she gives back to her community and more.

Mia started painting because it was her passion. But after selling her first painting at 14, it became clear she could turn it into a career.

At times, Mia’s had to get a little scrappy to keep a steady income. But diligent organization can help her predict how sales might ebb and flow.

Rather than cut into precious family time, Mia wakes up early to start work and works late into the night if she has to.

Mia gives back to her community by offering free art classes to local kids.

Getting started as a freelancer was hard for Mia. But looking at patterns and tactics that had worked before made it a whole lot easier.

You can learn more about Mia and see more of her work at Mia Kaplan Studio.


We’d love to learn more about you and your business. Take a moment and tell us some of your story!

  • How did you get your start?
  • How do you get through tough times?
  • How do you make time for your family?
  • How does your business give back?
  • What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?
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Level 7

Mia is amazing! Not only is her work beautiful, her story is so inspiring. 

1. I started my business when a family friend took a chance on me and offered me a freelance virtual assistant gig. I loved that I was able to work anytime and anywhere. 

2. I get through tough times by using unexpected downtime to expand and get new clients. 

3. I've learned to take weekends off (give or take some some rare occasions) and have gotten much better at time management during normal work hours. 

4. I personally give back to a few non-profits, but I've been looking for ways to give back through hiring or services.

5. Business ebbs and flows, so don't let the slow (or fast) times stress you out. Take everything one day at a time and trust the journey. Also, keep good mentors in your back pocket - networking, networking, networking. :smileyhappy: 


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