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VIDEO: The QuickBooks Team Surprises Builder and Fire Survivor Chris Rhodes (Get Out Your Tissues!)

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Chris Rhodes has run his own construction company in Santa Rosa, CA, for more than 30 years. In October 2017, wildfires tore through Santa Rosa, destroying 5,000 homes. Chris lost both his home and his business, and more than half a dozen houses Chris had built over the years were burned to the ground.

“An integral part of my career simply evaporated,” says Chris. “Losing all those homes I identified with so much was almost as tough as losing my own.”

As part of a 2018’s Small Business Week celebration, the QuickBooks team wanted to help Chris rebuild his business so he could continue the important work of helping others in the community rebuild their lives. Watch the video below to see how Chris reacts as the huge surprise unfolds …

Find out how Chris stays optimistic in the face of unimaginable tragedy: Small Business Week: Chris Rhodes Lost Everything to a Wildfire – Except His Desire to Get Back to W...

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It was such a privilege to speak with Chris as part of our Small Business Week celebration. His sense of optimism and determination is remarkable, yet I'm pretty certain every member of this community has a similar approach to life and to business!

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@WillowOlder **sniff!!**

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WOW! This is amazing. It was heart breaking to see the devestation from the North Bay fires, but the small business communities in both Sonoma and Napa counties have really come together to support each other. Chris' story of determination and resiliance is enouraging, and the "suprise and delight" of buying Chris new equipment and the gift of working capital put a big smile on my face. Thank you for sharing!


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Love, love, love this!!!

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So great! And so deserving! 

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